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Nf17.com is the expert source for video game news. We deliver daily exclusive news, insight and critique to a knowledgeable audience who trust our coverage. Nf17.com has only been around since 2022, which is a spring chicken when compared to some of the forums listed here, but it’s already built a sizeable following of gaming enthusiastic who gather and discuss all aspects of gaming. News, deals, esports, and more are all fair game on Nf17.com, regardless of which platforms you use. If you’re looking for a popular, but not unbearably busy, gaming forum, give Nf17.com a try. Nf17.com covers all types of games developed by popular developers, such as Nintendo, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Gameloft and more! Follow our step and you will find the lastest breaking news about all the popular games!