Predicting The Best Rated Defenseman In NHL 23

Every year fans make predictions about the ratings for sports video games like NHL 23, and it’s a lot for fans to discuss which players will be the most popular. Most of the focus this year has been on free agency and trades for the NHL 23 season, but there has also been intense discussion around EA’s latest NHL video game. So this guide will predict the best rated defensemen in NHL 23 for players, who can use NHL 23 coins to upgrade players and teams for more relevant challenges.

Roman Josi, Nashville Predators, 93 total points

The Nashville Predators had a great season from 2021-2022, but Roman Josi did not win the Norris Trophy for best defenseman last season, and the dynamic Calle Makar won the award. Unlike Makar, Josi did not play for a team loaded with offensive talent, making his scoring even more impressive as he was forced to carry more of a load for the Nashville Predators.

Roman Josi was the NHL’s leading goal scorer for defensemen with a career-high 96 points (23 goals, 73 assists). For teams looking to compete for the Stanley Cup, scoring 96 points is not only special but very valuable for defensemen. roman Josi is also not as skilled as Maker in rewarding players who excel at the attributes of skill sticks in the NHL 23, such as deking and puck control. he is more of a more balanced defenseman who, while playing well in the NHL He is more of a more balanced defenseman, and although he excels in the NHL, a player like Makar will be favored by many gamers. When a player reaches a total of 90 points or more in a video game, the player will belong to the elite of his position. Roman Josi is a great option for Iron Warrior fans and players looking for a solid defenseman who can anchor the first or second pair on the Ultimate Team roster.

Cale Makar, Colorado Avalanche, 93 total points

Cale Makar won the 2022 Norris Trophy, the 2022 Conn Smythe Trophy and won the 2022 Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche. That’s a great accomplishment for a 23-year-old NHL defenseman. In addition to an amazing 2021-2022 NHL season, he also ranked second in the NHL in scoring by defensemen last year with 86 points (28 goals, 58 assists).

Cale Makar is a highlight reel incarnation whose puck possession, speed, vision and shot make him the best defenseman in the game at 23. Cale Makar is qualified to be one of the best players in any type of game mode in the NHL 23 with his ability to open up dimes and freeze defenders and goalies when setting up teammates or burying pucks himself. His attributes are perfect for players who like a puck possession game, or those who like a quick offensive attack based around speed, defense and great passing. And since Cale Makar is just now emerging in the NHL and technically hasn’t reached his full potential yet, but has accomplished such a daunting feat as mentioned above, Cale Makar is one of the best candidates if anyone can score the most points in the NHL 23 this year.

These are the predictions for the best rated defenceman in the NHL 23. If you have a more suitable candidate in mind, feel free to leave us a comment below the article on to discuss.

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