Destiny 2: How To Get The Arbalest Catalyst And What It Does

Versatile in Destiny 2, the Arbalest is an exotic linear fusion rifle that works well against Barrier Champions and any type of elemental shield. While it does take a bit of luck to acquire the Catalyst, once the player obtains and fully upgrades it, it transforms the Arbalest into a powerful weapon. So this guide will introduce players to how to get Arbalest Catalyst and what it does in Destiny 2. Players can prepare enough Destiny 2 Silver to get Arbalest Catalyst.

How to get Arbalest Catalyst

The Arbalest is one of the most “elusive” exotic weapons, found in any exotic print that may drop from any event and world drops. So it’s entirely up to the RNG whether players can acquire this weapon, although visiting Xur and using Legendary Shards to purchase his Exotic engram and then using Exotic Cipher may be a way to speed up the process. Arbalest was originally obtained during the Revelry Spring Event, but can now be obtained in a different way within the system.

PVE drops

PVP drops


Buy from Xur

How to Upgrade Arbalest Catalyst

As with most Catalyst upgrade requirements, players will need to destroy a certain number of enemies to unlock the full potential of Arbalest Catalyst. Doing so requires you to kill 500 enemies and must use Arbalest, but players can do this anywhere they like as there are no location or campaign requirements. Some game modes or Season Pass Catalyst progress gains don’t seem to have any rewards, and players can either just use the whole gun or grind it out quickly. Events with lots of enemies are nice, but if players want to do things more effectively, bring Arbalest into Dares of Eternity. players will receive treasure keys and Chi Arts coins, as well as unlock Catalyst progress.

What does the Arbalest Catalyst do?

Like most Master Weapons, once the player has successfully upgraded this Catalyst, it will generate Orbs, which help to recharge the player’s Superman. In addition to the usual Orb-generating effects, the Arbalest Catalyst provides the player with additional maneuverability and increases magazine capacity.

And it has the Genesis and Interrupt Break perks, which not only penetrates the shield and deals some damage by directly disliking the enemy’s life, but the magazine will fill up from reserve when the player breaks the shield with the Arbalest. In addition the gun has an interrupt feature that will cause it to be easier to receive kinetic damage for a short time after destroying the enemy’s shield again.

The Arbalest works well with energy weapons, especially when the player upgrades the Arbalest Catalyst to provide energy ammo regeneration. This exotic linear fusion rifle is the ideal weapon for players who need to eliminate barrier champions or complete objectives during missions.

This is how to obtain the Arbalest Catalyst and what it does in Destiny 2. Using this weapon can provide players with an advantage, depending on the enemy they are fighting. If players find this guide helpful, feel free to subscribe to and wait for more Destiny 2 news updates.

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