How To Get the Hovercannon in Tower of Fantasy

Filled with many unique items called relics, each of which adds a new twist to combat, Tower of Fantasy allows players to diversify their gameplay with a number of unique weapons and quirky gadgets that can help them fight and traverse. If you don’t know how to get the Hovercannon in Tower of Fantasy, you can read the details of this guide, and players can also prepare a well-stocked Tower of Fantasy Tanium for getting the Hovercannon.

What is the Hovercannon in Tower of Fantasy

Hovercannons are one of the many relics that players can find in the game that allow them to create their own style of play and strategy. These Hovercannons, which focus on offense, can be used to shoot enemies around and unlock it using laser weapons. When equipped, it allows the player to summon it for a short period of time and it will hover around the player and shoot enemies until the duration is over. It can also be upgraded to extend its duration, reduce its cooldown, and inflict status exceptions such as freeze and stun on enemies and deal damage to them.

How to get the Hovercannon in Tower of Fantasy

The Hovercannon in Tower of Fantasy is not a relic that players can obtain by just exploring or completing quests, so players will need to complete some weekly events that give players SR Relic Shard Boxes or Hovercannon Shards, which are the only way to obtain the Tower of Fantasy Hovercannon relic. Fortunately, there are many events in the game that allow players to farm these shards for relics, and the following are the events that give players the opportunity to farm the Fantasy Tower Hovercannon.

World Chiefs


Claire’s Dream Machine

These events provide players with boxes that will give them the chance to earn the pieces needed to unlock the Tower of Fantasy Hovercannon, which they can also earn by completing the weekly challenges. Farming them is great because this relic can increase your damage. To unlock the Hovercannon, players will need to collect 20 Hovercannon pieces until these can be obtained by opening the Relic Piece Box or by completing Claire’s Dream Machine also total challenges, though these methods will only provide the opportunity to collect the specific pieces being sought. After obtaining 20 Hovercannon pieces, players can inject them to unlock the Hovercannon relic.

How to use the Hovercannon in Tower of Fantasy

Players can use the Hovercannon to help defeat powerful enemies, such as bosses in the ruins. players can also use it against groups, and it comes in handy when playing Claire’s Dream Machines, Bygone Phantasm, and the survival challenges in Frontier Clash.

Similar to Quantum Cloak Relic, you’ll need to defeat the Frost Bot multiple times to get enough pieces to build a Hovercannon. They drop many different items and only leave a few remnants when defeated. So hopefully this guide will help you get the Hovercannon, more details on the Fantasy Tower guide can be found at

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