How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft

In Minecraft, players can breed different types of animals, such as breeding cows, pigs, wolves and chickens, and most importantly, they can also breed villagers. The role of villagers in Minecraft is very important, but breeding villagers is not an easy task. If you want to make more villagers without looking for new villages, you can breed villagers together. This guide will introduce how to breed villagers in Minecraft, and players can also prepare sufficient Minecraft for Windows Game Coins for breeding villagers in Minecraft.

What is a villager in Minecraft

Villagers in Minecraft are passive gadgets that live in villages. Villagers can play a specific role in villages even if they are not unemployed, and players can trade different items with each villager according to their profession. In addition, the villagers’ clothing and houses vary greatly depending on the biomes generated by the village.

How to breed villagers in Minecraft

Find a village with at least two villagers

The first step in breeding villagers in Minecraft is to find a village. Villages are generated at random locations on the map, and you need to be patient; villages can be found in plains, deserts, coniferous forests, and tropical biomes. You need at least two villagers in order to breed them, then put them in a separate room.

Place enough beds and leave proper space

Next is the need for proper space. You need to place one bed for each villager and have at least three beds in the room, while leaving two empty blocks above each bed. The villagers will want to fill all the beds in the room, because more beds means more villagers. The open space above the beds will allow the young villagers to jump, thus improving their birthing environment. Be sure to check for any half-stone slabs or stairs that might get in the way of the villagers’ hospital.

Give villagers food

Unlike animals, you can’t feed villagers in Minecraft, but you still need to provide enough food to make them willing to reproduce. So you need to provide villagers with bread, beets, tolob, potatoes, and other crops by simply placing them on the floor next to the villagers and adding them to their inventory when they pass by.

Waiting for villagers to multiply

When the villagers are ready and have enough space and food for offspring, the two will go into love mode to produce babies. When the two villages face each other and love floats over the surrounding area, it means that the villagers are breeding and a baby villager will appear at that time, and it takes 20 minutes for a baby villager to grow into an adult. When the little villagers grow into adult villagers, they can reproduce themselves and gain trading professions.

When do villagers reproduce in Minecraft?

One thing to note is that villagers cannot reproduce without stopping. There is a cooldown period after two villagers have reproduced and a period of time must pass before they can reproduce again. Villagers will not reproduce without the intervention of the player, and they will reproduce only if they meet the two conditions of willingness and ability.

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