League of Legends Wild Rift Guide: How To Play Kassadin

Kassadin is a unique hero in Wild Rift, he is a mage assassin and excels in the late game game. If a player needs a melee mage in the middle, you can choose Kassadin, who is good at dealing with mages. So in this guide we will discuss how to play Kassadin in League of Legends Wild Rift, you can buy ample LoL Wild Rift Wild Cores in the game to help you equip your character.

Who is Kassadin

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, Kassadin is a mage with high burst damage, mobility, and silence. Those players who like to meander around the map, or who like to one-hit their opponents may have found the best option for them. However, unlike most burst mages, Kassadin doesn’t start to shine until the mid to late game.

Kassadin’s story begins with a wanderer who walks the sands of the Dasai Desert, luring away predators for merchants. But the more he did, the better he became, eventually being seen as a guide rather than simply a decoy. His adventures led him to a desert tribe where he met the love of his life. Kasadin and his wife started a family, unfortunately Kasadin lost his children and wife to the darkness known as the Void that killed them. After mourning, Kassadin shattered his humanity, devoting his life to revenge and searching for any source of power he could find. Though many believe Kassadin has gone mad, he remains true to his purpose: to fight evil, a task few are capable of accomplishing.

Kassadin’s Skills

Voidstone (Passive)

When Kassadin casts a spell near a visible enemy hero, he gains a magic shield.

Void Spell Sphere (Skill 1)

Fires a sphere that deals magic damage and silences the first enemy hit.

Spectral Blade (Skill 2)

Strengthens his next base attack within range and deals additional magic damage and restores a percentage of lost magic hits. If Voidblade kills the target, its remaining cooldown is reduced.

Force Pulse (Skill 3)

Deals magic damage and slows enemies within cone range. After casting other spells nearby, Force Pulse is enhanced to deal more magic damage and slow instead.

Riftwalk (Ultimate)

Blinks toward the target location and deals magic damage to nearby enemies. Casting Riftwalk will cause the next Riftwalk to deal more damage and consume double the mana for a certain amount of time. (Can be charged up to 3 times).

League of Legends: Wild Rift Kassadin’s Pre-,Mid and Late Game Tips

Early game

Early game Kassadin’s power is weak, but his level will increase as his power increases, and so will his ability to deal ultimate damage. The most important thing in this stage is the need to farm and collect gold and levels.

Mid game

In the middle of the game players can continue farming to get these items and levels, or they can fight in teams. Players can also farm deep in the enemy jungle, as Kassadin has a free flash in his ultimate form, though each spell costs 200% more mana to cast.

Late game

Late game is where Kassadin shines, as he can deal wicked damage with his ultimate in team fights. When he gets all the props and levels, he is able to take down the mage at once. In this stage players need to stay with the team in order to destroy the enemies faster.

Hopefully the above League of Legends Wild Rift guide will guide you to play Kassadin better so you can destroy the enemies to complete the mission. You can subscribe to NF17.com for more guides on using other heroes in the latest League of Legends.

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