Minecraft: Birthday Song Trophies and Achievements Guide

In Minecraft’s recent update, the game’s cave system was significantly improved, and in addition to game updates and improvements, four obscure new trophies and achievements were added for players to unlock. This guide will help players how to unlock the Birthday Song trophy and achievement in Minecraft, but it all requires players to trick tame Allay mobs into dropping cakes near the notepad, and players can also buy enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins in Minecraft to help unlock the Birthday Song trophy and achievement.

What is Allay in Minecraft

The Allay is similar in size to a Minecraft bee, but can fly at a much higher altitude. It doesn’t interact with any in-game minions except the player, and even hostile mobs like zombies or creepers don’t care about Allay’s presence. allay is a passive mob that collects items for you, and if the player gives it a specific item, it will look around the nearby area until it collects a bunch. It will then return to the player and pass the prop stack. This is very useful for any Minecraft player because the player can send Allay to find more of whatever items they need. If players need to mine or gather resources, they can use Allay to collect any materials they may have missed.

How to find and tame Allay

Unlike most mobs, Allay only appears in two specific locations: the Marauder Outpost and the Woodland Mansion.

Marauder outposts are tall buildings filled with crossbow-wielding warriors who can respawn in most biome systems. Occasionally you will find Marauder outposts surrounded by wooden cells that will house an Iron Golem or two Allay.

Woodland mansions are even rarer, and players can only find them in the dark forests. Some mansions contain cells, which are usually locked and guarded by defenders. While most of the front cells are empty, there is always a chance you will find one or three Allay locked inside.

Once you have found the trapped Allay, break the bars of the cell and release them. After releasing an Allay, the player will need to give it any item to make them tame and follow the player. When it follows the player, Allay will look for the props the player gives it and drop them for the player. These creatures also like music, and if a note block is activated near them, they will throw the note block on it instead of giving it to the player. Allay will also dance if there is a jukebox playing music next to them, which is very cute. If the player gives Allay an amethyst shard while it is dancing, it will also copy itself.

Structure of the Birthday Party

When Allay is tamed by the player and follows the player, they need to create a notepad and bake two cakes. To create a notepad, the player will need the following resources.

A crafting table to create it

8x wooden boards of any type

1x Redstone Powder in the middle slot

To bake a delicious Minecraft Cake players will need the following ingredients.

A workbench

3x buckets of milk in the first three places

1 x egg in the middle slot

2x sugar on both sides of the egg

3x wheat in the bottom three slots

When two cakes are baked and a notepad is placed, the player simply gives Allay one cake and places the other on the notepad. If you use the notepad repeatedly, Allay will quickly replace the cake in his hand with the cake on top of the notepad, thus unlocking the Birthday Song trophy/achievement.

The above is a specific guide to birthday song trophies and achievements in Minecraft. If you find this guide helpful, subscribe to NF17.com and wait for more Minecraft guides to follow.

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