Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Pioneer Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

The Call of Duty series has a popular popularity among first-person shooters, and gamer fans have high expectations for each of its released seasons. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 28, 2022, and as the game’s release date gradually approaches, players are enthusiastically discussing many things about Modern Warfare 2. The most important thing is that before the release of the new game, Modern Warfare 2 can meet the needs of players and can avoid some pioneering mistakes is worth looking forward to, players can also prepare enough Call of Duty CP Coins in advance for the release of Modern Warfare 2.

Removal of SBMM

Fans don’t want to see skill-based matchmaking in the upcoming franchise. Most recent Call of Duty games have adopted the system along with other FPS games, but some fans don’t think it’s a progressive thing for gameplay improvement. And it’s a deal breaker for many players, so players aren’t in favor of adding this skill to Modern Warfare 2. With rumors of Modern Warfare 2 changing the SBMM system, fans will be waiting for clarification on whether the system will be kept or removed.

Avoiding Game Hacking Errors

Since Vanguard’s gameplay at launch was buggy in several areas, it left many players dissatisfied and unfixed by the developers, from audio bugs to weapon glitches. So fans hope that Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t follow Vanguard’s lead and raise their standards at launch and can keep fixing and tweaking players’ needs, all of which would give a well-maintained player base and also provide the FPS gameplay fans have come to expect.

Lack of Map Rotation

According to previous Call of Duty title entries, the title includes a voting system where players can vote in the lobby to choose which map they prefer to play on. If Infinity Ward’s goals include making their new game user-friendly and allowing players to experience as many maps as they want, this will be one of the biggest highlights of the game’s October release.

Removal of Voting for MVP

In addition to the regular Call of Duty gameplay and final kill sessions, one of Vanguard’s innovations after each session was a new poll for team MVPs, but these polls didn’t make any sense to fans. So in order to provide a simpler and faster navigation system, as well as potential improvements to the game, fans will look forward to seeing this vote removed from Modern Warfare 2.

Improved Spawn Traps

Given the existence of smaller maps like “Das Haus” and “Shipment” and, as expected, the possibility of immediate death after spawning, one of the biggest complaints Vanguard has received is the issue of constant spawn traps. One of the biggest complaints Vanguard received was the constant spawning of traps, which also exist on larger maps. This situation can ruin player immersion in the game and can also lead to unfair K/D ratios on the scoreboard. While this situation cannot be completely avoided, it is possible to improve the new game to a standard that is acceptable to players.

Remove Quick Kill Time

Players who have played Vanguard know that Sledgehammer Games sets a quick time for players to neutralize their opponents. This can be beneficial for some, but it also removes the player’s ability to identify shot placement. Not only does this prevent players from finding cover quickly, it also mitigates the tactical nature of the gameplay and can shorten the duration of a shootout. So to avoid this, Infinity Ward” must increase the player’s kill time.

These are the pioneering mistakes that must be avoided in Call of Duty in Modern Warfare 2. I hope that the new game will meet the expectations and needs of fans before its release and ensure that the previous mistakes are not made again. If you still want to know more about other news and guides in Call of Duty welcome to subscribe to

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