Overwatch 2: Reaper Guide (Skills and Tips)

In Overwatch 2, Death returns as a playable damage character in the heroic FPS sequel created by Blizzard Entertainment. Easily one of the most iconic and recognizable characters in Overwatch, Reaper doesn’t change much in Overwatch 2, except for a few minor changes to his Hellfire shotgun. The Reaper shotgun’s overall effectiveness against enemy tanks has not been diminished and still has incredible firepower to pin down the right enemies. Players can purchase enough Overwatch 2 Coins to upgrade their Reaper character’s equipment.

Reaper’s Skills

Hellfire Shotgun (Weapon)

Reaper’s damage output comes in the form of two aggressive-looking shotguns, and he will chase down enemies with a shotgun in each hand, alternating between shooting enemies with each pull of the trigger. These weapons can punish players at close range, especially targets with low blood levels. So players will need to be within a few feet of their targets, and the range damage of these shotguns will be drastically reduced, which will force players to get up close and personal on the battlefield.

Ghost Form (Active)

Reapers want to flank their enemies using Reapers. By activating Underworld Soul Form, players will be completely immune to damage and group control abilities, and will also receive a significant increase in movement speed.

Shadow Step (Active)

Players can use teleportation in Shadowstep to increase their speed. Players can activate Shadowstep and then aim to display a special hazy mist marker indicating where they can teleport to.

Reaper (Passive)

Reaper’s passive Reaper skill allows him to have more staying power than other similar characters. Reaper can restore a small amount of life to Reaper based on the damage he deals.

Death Blossom (Ultimate)

A large AOE skill that allows him to spin and design his Hell Shotgun in all directions, this ultimate can quickly waste low health targets by quickly depleting their small health pools.

Reaper’s Tips

Reaper is an expert in short-range combat and can effortlessly destroy any opponent with his Inferno Shotgun. You can use his Shadowstep ability to teleport behind enemies, which gives you the opportunity to attack them from behind and gain the upper hand in the fight.

Players can take risks in Overwatch 2 and retreat using the Death Ghost form when they are about to be defeated by the enemy.

When using the ultimate skill Death Bloom, make sure you are standing in an area above the ground so that you can play the Death Bloom skill more effectively and easily eliminate multiple enemies.

Also, Death is relatively less mobile compared to other heroes, which is why Ghost Form will be his main way of retreating, so try to target a solo opponent, otherwise a group of enemies will not be easy to retreat.

The above is the guide about Reaper in Overwatch 2. If you still want to know more about the guide of other hero characters in Overwatch 2, you can subscribe to NF17.com for more useful guides.

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