Tower of Fantasy: How to Make Snow Lotus Soup

There is a lot to explore in the Tower of Fantasy, from fighting powerful bosses to cooking different foods to get some energy. If players like cooking, then this guide will introduce the specific practices of snow lotus soup for players in the Tower of Fantasy Tanium, and players can also prepare enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium to help collect the materials for making snow lotus soup.

What is snow lotus soup and its effects

Snow lotus soup is one of the only foods that can help players replenish their stamina in the game, making it one of the most unique and useful. Snow lotus soup not only restores 800 stamina, but also instantly restores 20% + 60000HP. You can use it in advanced mode or when you need stamina in a hurry, make sure to have this soup in your food slot so you can use it right away when you need it.

Where to find snow lotus in tower of fantasy

There are many snow lotuses in the Tower of Fantasy to loot. You can explore the area around Aarniel Fortress, Southern Naa Fjords and Warren Omnium Tower. You can also explore other areas to obtain snowdrops in TOF.

Snow lotus soup is a great recipe, but finding one of the ingredients can be challenging. The first and hardest ingredient we need is snow lotus, which only exists in Warren Snowfield. In this area, you can go and grow where it is marked, but keep in mind that it is a super rare ingredient, so you will need to hunt around for a while. Finally, we need honey, which you can buy anywhere on the map. Look for the beehive, and once you find it, attack it until it drips honey for you.

Where to find honey in Tower of Fantasy

In order to find honey in the Tower of Fantasy, you need to find the Needlebee Hives, which look like rocks with a glowing blue ichor. You can find honey in the North Ring Mountains and the Rust Belt. You can also explore another area to get honey. To find snowdrops, you need to go to the Warren area on the Aesperia map.

Recipe for Snow Lotus Soup in Tower of Fantasy

Snow lotus soup is a great food to help you gain extra stamina. It’s not difficult to make snow lotus soup, all you need is its two ingredients and recipe:

x1 Snow Lotus

x2 honey

If you don’t have a recipe for snow lotus soup, you need to create it. To do this, go to any cooking robot and open its creation tab. Put a lot of honey and snow lotus in the label and know to get an 80% to 100% success rate. After that, click on chef and you will get the snow lotus soup recipe. Once a soup recipe is unlocked, it will now be permanently added to your cooking station’s “Cooking” tab. You can now easily make snow lotus soup anytime. All you need to do is keep farming these two ingredients and head to the nearest cooking station to start cooking this delicious soup.

The above is the specific guide for making snow lotus soup in the tower of fantasy, you can subscribe to for more guides and tips about the tower of fantasy.

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