League of Legends: How Jungle Pets Work (Season 13)

As League of Legends Season 12 draws to a close, the Season 13 preseason reveals the addition of Jungle Pets, and one of the most significant changes is the introduction of Jungle Pets, useful creatures that are replacing common jungle items purchased from the store and turning them into creatures. In community testing it was seen that these pets can move independently of beaters in League of Legends, so this guide will be here to introduce players to how Jungle Pets work in League of Legends, and players can also prepare enough to buy these Jungle Pets for League of Legends (PC) TOP UP.

What Jungle Pets Do

Since League of Legends Season 13 is still a few months away, the way Jungle Pets currently work in the beta may change over time. However, the core concept of these Jungle Pets themselves and with their fielder characters will likely remain the same until the season is officially released.

Jungle Pets will help players clear camp by dealing some damage, but will also heal players when monsters are killed. jungle Pets will also allow players to customize their play style, allowing players to use the same heroes as heavy gankers, farmers, or just move through the jungle. And Jungle Pets will also give players some unique strategic options when they start the game, allowing them to choose based on what they think is most important.

What’s New in Jungle Pets for League of Legends

Jungle Pets are a new mechanic that replaces traditional jungle items. Jungle Pets will not require the purchase of upgraded items, as they did in the past, or change items after killing a certain number of camps, but rather the jungle from nothing will evolve over the course of the game as players feed them. Players can purchase each pet as a baby and let it grow by feeding it. Players cannot sell the pet and re-purchase another one, so please consider carefully when purchasing.

What Types of Jungle Pets are Available in League of Legends

Players can purchase three new Jungle Pets from the store through the corresponding eggs. These pets include wolves, foxes and frog-like creatures, and because these animals have not yet received their own official names, the perception of what each creature represents may vary from player to player. In any case, similar to the different Jungle items, each Jungle Pets provides different benefits to their jungle. Here are roughly what the three Jungle Pets do.

Wolf’s play style lies in Slowing enemies, which can reduce the damage of epic monsters, and the fighter’s next damage effect has the potential to slow and burn enemy heroes.

Fox’s style of play is Offensive, which reduces damage from epic monsters and increases the fielder’s movement speed when entering bushes or killing monsters.

Frog’s style of play is Continuous, which reduces damage from epic monsters, gives his fighters a permanent shield that recovers after killing League of Legends monsters or leaving the fight for a while, and provides 20% toughness and slow resistance.

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