Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Rid Of Villagers From Town

Animal Crossing New Horizons gives players the opportunity to have lovely neighbors. Each villager in ACNH has a different animal with a different personality, and they all offer players different ideas to improve the island, share items, and keep a positive attitude. But not any villager can move in because it requires a change of pace, so this guide will cover how to get rid of villagers from the town that you don’t like, and players can also prepare enough Animal Crossing Money in the game to improve the size of the village.

Why Animal Crossing New Horizons players should get rid of villagers

There are a large number of villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and for most players, traveling to and from a new island in search of a specific villager can be overwhelming. This leads many players to do everything they can to expand their village, only to find that the island has a “cap” on how many villagers a player can have at one time. After a while, island designers can find themselves inundated with villagers they don’t necessarily like.

In order to replace the villagers they don’t like, the player will need to use some method to make sure the villagers want to leave the island. This allows players to use “open space” to find other villagers they want to invite. There is no penalty for doing so, and players are free to switch between villagers they want as long as they use the right methods.

How to get rid of villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Stop talking to your Animal Crossing villagers

One of the sure ways to get rid of villagers is to ignore them completely and not give them any gifts, especially on Animal Crossing villagers’ birthdays. By not talking to the villagers, the villagers will feel that they have no friends on the island and eventually you will see a dark cloud over the villagers’ heads, which means that the villagers are thinking about whether to leave the island or not. However this cloud may also appear to represent other problems they are experiencing and is not 100% sure that they are considering moving off the island.

Complaining to Isabel

Another way to encourage villagers to leave Animal Crossing is to complain to Isabel, simply go to the Residential Services building and sit down to talk to Isabel. Select the “Discuss Residents” option and choose any reason for complaining about the residents. By complaining about the way villagers dress or talk, players can change the dress or mantra of their ostracized neighbors. However, this method requires a lot of dedication to achieve, and the player will need to discuss the resident with Isabel several times, and then continue for several days before the villager gets the hint.

Using the time travel method to remove animals across the New Horizons villagers

This method may be a bit tedious, but it is also the fastest way to evict villagers and it is free.

1. Skip ahead 15 days to see if any villagers have a thought bubble over their heads.

2. If there aren’t any thought bubbles, repeat the first step.

3. Make sure the villager with the thought bubble is the one the player wants to evict.

4. If not, change the game time to 4:59 AM and save the game.

5. Watch the daily broadcast to skip the time to 1:00 PM.

6. Check again if there is a thought bubble above the unwanted villager’s head, if not, repeat step 4.

7. The next day, the player will find the chest in the home of the unpopular villager, and the villager will leave the day after the chest appears.

The above is the specific guide to get rid of unwanted villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons, if you still want to know other guides in Animal Crossing New World, you can subscribe to for more topics of interest.

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