Final Fantasy XIV: How To Get The Unsung Blade Of Abyssos

The Unsung Blade of Abyssos, a raid token in Final Fantasy XIV, can be used to obtain the Ultra Light Divinity Stone, a currency used to purchase the Lunar Envoy weapon series.

This guide will explain how to obtain Unsung Blade of Abyssos in Final Fantasy XIV and the weapons that can be purchased to equip you with Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

What is the Unsung Blade of Abyssos in FFXIV for?

Unsung blade of Abyssos can be exchanged with NPCs for Ultralight Tomestones, trading 7 of them to Djole, Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3, Y: 9.6) or Mylenie, Labyrinthos (X: 8.3, Y: 27.5) to obtain an Ultralight Tomestone. You can then trade a piece of Ultralight Divinity Stone to Cihanti in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.8, Y: 10.4) for any Lunar Envoy’s weapon.

Lunar Envoy weapons follow a theme that indicates the bearer is a servant of Hydalean. They are level 90 when leveled and have an item level of 620. This makes them excellent weapons for savage raids, some of which are currently the best weapons for their respective professions. Unsung Blade of Abyssos grinding can be quite severe right now due to looting restrictions on raid items, but as these restrictions are repealed in future patches, the weapons will become more readily available.

Where to get Unsung Blade of Abyssos in FFXIV

Unsung Blade of Abyssos has a chance to drop from Abyssos: The Eighth Circle Raid in the Pandaren Raid series. To obtain Unsung Blade of Abyssos, players must complete the tenth mission in the Pandaemonium questline, “One Final Wish”. Naturally, this means that all previous quests and related raids must be completed before the “Final Wish” is available. In order to begin the quest, the Warrior of Light must speak with Lahabrea, who can be found at the Pandaemonium Gate at the coordinates (X:21.5, Y:19.0).

The Nameless Blade in Final Fantasy XIV is a must-kill for all participants in Abyssus: The Eighth Circle. While most Raid token rewards contain RNGs, these blades will drop for all players who complete Raid. After collecting multiple Unsung Blades of Abyssos, players can carry tokens at Djole in Radz-at-Han at (X:10.3, Y:9.6) or at Mylenie in labyrinth at (X:8.3, Y:27.5). These traders will offer an Ultralight Tomestone in exchange for seven blades, and will also sell the Moonbringer’s Weapon Collection in exchange for Ultralight Divine Canon Stones and 500 Aragog Karma Divine Canon Stones, which drop from level 90 dungeons, trials or raids. Except for the Paladin’s Lunar Messenger Longsword, the price of 500 tome stones for all weapons is the same, at only $350.

The above is a specific guide on how to get Unsung Blade of Abyssos in Final Fantasy XIV. If you still want to know about other weapons in Final Fantasy XIV, you can get more related guides in

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