Grounded: How To Get The Moss Key And What It’s Used For

There is a treasure chest deep in Grounded’s pond, and players must obtain a moss key to open it. But this key is hidden very deep and some players have a hard time finding it. So this guide will help players how to get moss key in Grounded and understand its usage, players can buy enough Grounded Game PC Cheap to help get moss key early in Grounded.

What is the role of Moss Key in Grounded

The moss key is an important item in Grounded that can open the treasure chest at the entrance of the deep pond. The purpose of the key is to open the treasure chest containing the Sunken Outpost BURG. L Chip, which is located inside a long underwater tunnel. In order to get the key, the player needs to make sure to equip the No. Bubble helmet and flippers. merteen mutations are also useful underwater, and in addition to the mutations, the player may have liquid gills and liquid flipper limbs in his backpack. Once all of this is taken care of and you have a light source on hand, you’re ready to go.

How to get the Moss Key in Grounded

When looking for the moss key, you should first equip yourself with the bubble helmet, fins, spear and slime lantern. Then head to the koi pond east of the water lilies and dive into the pond, being careful to avoid the fish there. As you descend at this point, you will see a stream of bubbles coming from a tube below you, and you should follow that tube until you reach Sunken T-Rex.

From Sunken T-Rex, the player should swim northwest past a series of pillars and into an area with wires, electrical panels and lights. The player should swim to the two cylindrical lights mounted on the far wall of this area and look to the right. At this location, there is a small opening in the ground covered with algae that Grounded players should enter, follow the tunnel to a crack with a pipe, and grab the moss key that is on the ground near the pipe.

After collecting the moss key, return to the Sunken T-Rex in the Koi Pond and swim towards the tin cup again to the aforementioned pillar. Near the root behind the first pillar is a chest on the ground that can be opened with the key.

Reward obtained by obtaining the Moss Key

When you open the treasure chest with the Moss Key, the chest contains the Sunken Outpost BURG. L to unlock the Splatburst recipe, the flipper upgrade and the dive light upgrade. These unlocks cost 2,500 Raw Science, 1,500 Raw Science and 1,500 Raw Science respectively, and players should consider which one they would like to purchase first.

The above is a specific guide on how to get moss keys in Grounded and what they are used for. If players would like to know other news and guides about Grounded, please see for more information.

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