Overwatch 2 Guide: How To Play Mercy (Skills And Tips)

Overwatch 2 reinvigorates the hero shooter and brings a lot of new players to the game. Among them is Mercy, who is a great character for new players to learn the game and is easily one of the best healers in the game. With her resurrection ability, she can do things that no other hero can do. So this guide will introduce players to how to play Mercy effectively in Overwatch 2, including her skills and tips on how players can buy enough Overwatch 2 Coins to upgrade Mercy’s gear.

Mercy’s Skills

Caduceus Staff.

The first and main weapon that players use most in the game is the Caduceus Staff, with which Mercy uses one of the two beams connected to her allies. By maintaining the beam, she can restore that ally’s life or increase the amount of damage they deal. Using it, the angel can heal low health teammates. To heal a teammate, you must be close to them. However, it is important to note that once you leave the 15 meter radius of the skill, the link will break.

Caduceus Blaster.

All heroes in the game deal damage in one way or another, Mercy doesn’t have any weapons for self-defense or to hit enemies running for cover, but she does have Caduceus Blaster as a powerful side arm. Caduceus Blaster doesn’t do as much damage as the other heroes, though, because damage isn’t her main goal. For one thing, players don’t need to heal their teammates too much in the early stages; it will come in handy when you hit the enemy a few times to give your teammates a head start in the fight.

Guardian Angel.

Aside from her healing or augmentation, the ability players will use the most is Guardian Angel, which will be the player’s go-to ability in the game because it can save you from being ganked and also save your allies from dying. If you are looking at an ally, you will be able to fly to them from a distance. If you are connected to a teammate via Caduceus Staff, there is no need to face them to activate Guardian Angel.

Angelic Descent.

When an angel is in the air, you can hold the jump button to make Angelic Descent very slow. this ability can be used to slow your ascent, Angelic Descent is commonly used to hover in mid-air, making it harder to get hit. angelic Descent is best used in conjunction with Guardian Angel to stay ahead of the game


Resurrects a recently destroyed ally after a short lead time. This skill can be canceled by knockback, stun, and Anna’s sleep dart. Resurrect allows you to restore an ally to full health before it respawns. It takes 1.75 seconds to cast, which decreases your movement speed and so will make you more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Valkyrie Ultimate.

Valkyrie is a morphing ultimate that amplifies all aspects of Mercy’s kit. Her guardian angel gains greater range and faster movement, and her beam will link between nearby allies, linking them to the effects of the beam she wants.

Mercy’s Related Tips

The most important aspect of playing Mercy is understanding how to move and position yourself properly in a match. Thanks to Angel’s regeneration passive, she can take several attacks and regain lifesteal on her own. She can take several attacks and regain life on her own thanks to her regeneration passive. It’s also crucial to recognize where to stand or fly when healing and boosting allies, so movement and positioning are key.

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