How To Peep Creatures In Grounded

In Grounded, the huge backyard open-world environment is found to be full of bugs and enemies, and as players explore the vast world as the minor protagonist in the game, knowing information about the creatures you encounter before engaging them head-on or otherwise dealing with them should not be overlooked. So this guide will guide players on how to peep on creatures in Grounded and what peeping on creatures does, and players can prepare enough Grounded Game PC Cheap in order to peep on creatures more easily.

How To Peep Creatures In Grounded

Peeking at creatures is a very simple process in Grounded, players can use their PEEP.R goggles to peek at a creature. When the player encounters a bug they want to peep on, they must press Y on the Xbox controller or X on the PC to enter binocular mode. Switch the camera to first-person mode and have the character form a telescope or binocular-shaped hand to zoom in. If a black box with a white question mark appears, it means the creature is peepable. In addition, players must press the RB button while the bug is still in view in order to peek, providing them with a creature card in the player’s stat menu.

One thing players need is that they can only peek at the creature once. If they have already peeked at a creature, they cannot do so again. However, the game does keep track of the number of bugs the player has defeated. Pressing the B button on the Xbox controller will return the player to the previous viewpoint, whether it is switched to third person or first person.

Entering PEEP.R mode is also a convenient way to zoom in on backyards and locations yet to be discovered, and if players build bases high up, such as around large oak trees, they can peer in to gain good vantage points of different landmarks in the surrounding area, and even set up road signs.

What Does Peeping On Creatures In Grounded Do?

Peeking at a creature in Grounded is the only way to get important information about that creature, so every time you find a new species that you have never seen before, you will want to peek at a creature. By doing so, you learn the best way to approach the creature and prepare for what it has to offer in combat.

After peeping on a creature in Grounded, the player will first gain the creature’s name and will also unlock a creature card for it. If the player pulls up their inventory, they can switch to the data section, and under this area, the player can see all the creature cards they have spied. These cards will provide the player with important information about the life value of these creatures, how many the player has killed, and weaknesses, resistances, etc. Players can also learn the general location of these creatures and the items they drop. If you’ve been fighting bugs that you think will take a long time to defeat, it’s recommended that you study these creature cards first.

These are the details on how to peep creatures in Grounded and what peep creatures do. If you want to learn more details about other Grounded, please subscribe to for more guides.

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