Undecember Beginner’s Guide: Start Unleashing the Full Potential of Rune Hunters

Line Games’ latest release, Undecember, is now available on Android, where December will master a plethora of skills to create your ultimate custom build while looting gear for challenging multiplayer content and reaching for wave after wave of addictive hacks and enemies. Many of the systems accompany Undecember’s core features and gameplay, so this guide will help players how to take control of these mechanics early on and unlock the full potential of Rune Hunter, and players can also prepare enough Undecember Ruby in-game.

Getting Started with Rune Hunter

Before starting the game, players will need to complete some preliminary steps. The first is to choose the primary login method and make sure your data is not lost most importantly if you delete the application or swap your gaming device. Next, players can fight multiple waves of enemies during the tutorial stage and can test three weapon types: melee, bow, and staff. Each weapon unlocks a different skill palette, so it is recommended that you use this as a benchmark to decide which set of skills or weapon game style you prefer to build for your Rune Hunter.

Create A Player Character

Undecember’s character customization tools are limited, but at least it’s possible. Choosing between male and female, players can select their preferred face shape, skin tone and hair style hair color. After completing customizing your character, click Create. Enter your name and click Create to complete the character creation process.

Combat System Basics

Players must manage their health mana. Vitality and mana bars are displayed as red and blue spheres at the bottom of the screen. Once they become empty, your bar will be zero. Using mana requires skill, while HP is the player’s measure of survival, and players can use potions to restore life and mana.

Customize Skill Configurations With Skill Runes

Adding linked runes is a way for players to improve their skills, and players can make their skills stronger or add effects. First, players equip skill runes on a hexagonal grid; essentially, adding a skill rune to any empty slot effectively equips it, and link runes can be added to skill runes to enhance it. The linked rune must match the color of the skill rune’s slot, otherwise the rune cannot be linked.

Rune Growth

Players can upgrade runes by selecting elements as materials. The experience value transfers to runes of the same color, but only 80% of the experience value transfers to ruins of a different color. You have five elements to choose from: red, green, blue, earth, and stroll. As the runes grow, you can gain bonus experience by transferring elements of the same color as the rune you choose. However, earth and light will still provide additional experience for runes of any color.

Unlocking Expertise

Players can unlock expertise once they have attribute points. Each expertise has a separate constellation in which players can add attribute points for each starting node: moon, star, and sun. To access other constellations, the condition of spending a certain number of attribute points in the previous constellation needs to be met. Similar to the Zodiac attribute points, you can also use a limited number of attribute points to reset, otherwise it costs gold or obliterates stardust.

Get Equipment and Be Prepared

Players can obtain new equipment from loot, and a visit to the blacksmith will give you the option to disassemble or enchant your equipment. Enchanting equipment requires essence, and assembling equipment provides an essence-like component that can be used to enchant your equipment. By killing monsters, players will earn more essences.

The above is the Undecember Beginner’s Guide, which guides players on how to start unlocking the full potential of Rune Hunter. Players who want to unlock the potential of Rune Hunter as soon as possible in the game can purchase enough Undecember Gold.

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