Overwatch 2: Cassidy Character Guide (Skills and Tips)

Cassidy is one of the most well-known DPS characters in Overwatch. As a damage dealer, his duty is to punish weak heroes on the enemy team, and his primary weapon allows him to deal damage effectively at close and medium range. If players can optimize with his abilities, they can eliminate enemies before they get there. So this guide will cover guides such as skills and tips for Cassidy in Overwatch 2. Players can purchase enough Overwatch 2 Coins for upgrading Cassidy’s gear.

Cassidy’s Skills

Peacekeeper (Weapon)

Cassidy’s weapon is a powerful, rapid-fire revolver with a six-launcher that excels at multiple ranges but relies heavily on landing shots. peacekeeper is a hit-scan weapon and does not offer AOE or damage splash capabilities. So Cassidy’s weapon is very weapon dependent, and the hero will reward those who can target enemies quickly and effectively. While body shots can do a fair amount of damage, when it comes to lethal damage, the Peacekeeper is completely devastating. While good shot placement and reliable aiming are required to get the most out of Peacekeeper, it does provide reliable damage output at close range, and its alternate fire can help players counter harder-to-hit enemies.

Combat Roll (Active)

Cassidy’s Combat Roll skill gives him a small movement boost, allowing him to dodge enemy fire. It also reloads his Peacekeeper, regardless of how many shots he has left, which allows the player to quickly apply more damage or quickly reload in particularly intense gunfights.

Magnetic Grenade (Active)

Magnetic Grenade offers the biggest change to Cassidy’s overall package. The Magnetic Grenade throws very similarly to its predecessor, but this time it is tuned to deal damage instead of stunning. It has a special magnetic property that causes it to slightly track the enemy when thrown, and if the player manages to “stick” it directly to the enemy, it will deal additional damage. It is particularly useful in close quarters combat, as players who have trouble targeting a particularly crafty hero can simply throw a Magnetic Grenade and use Peacekeeper’s alternate firepower to deliver massive damage in a short amount of time.

Deadeye (Ultimate)

Cassidy’s Deadeye Ultimate operates in exactly the same way as the original version. When players activate Ultimate, they will see the screen turn amber and notice a skull icon pop up above each enemy Cassidy can “see”. The longer the Deadeye is active, the more damage it will do when the player hits the shoot button again to activate it. It is also very difficult for players to be knocked down in Deadeye mode, as Cassidy gains 40% damage reduction in Ultimate mode.

Tips Related to Cassidy

Don’t forget your Dash Reload when learning Cassidy, it’s a great mobility skill when you have to run quickly from your respawn point back to the combat zone.

Cassidy’s EMP grenade has targeting assist, you don’t have to aim his grenade ability directly at the enemy. Even if you throw it a few inches away from them, you will see it get dragged down on them.

Cassidy is a short to medium range character. As the distance between you and the enemy increases, the damage dealt by his shots will be greatly reduced.

Positioning is important during ultimate, as Cassidy can hit multiple enemies with one shot in a matter of seconds.

These are the skills and related tips of Cassidy in Overwatch 2. If you find this guide useful, you can follow NF17.com for more hero guides.

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