How To Quickly Upgrade In Dragonflight’s Prepatch

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion pack has been released on October 25, 2022, and there are various options in the game to upgrade the main and alt in Dragonflight. This is the perfect time for those who want to reach their highest level before Dragonflight, where players can quickly level up their characters by earning more XP over the course of the week. This article aims to help players how to quickly level up in Dragonflight’s Prepatch, players need enough WoW WotLK Classic Gold to help them upgrade their character equipment in the game.

WOW Dragonflight Pre Patch 10-60 Upgrade Guide

Chromie Time System

The Chrome time system will be expanded to level 60, meaning you can go from level 50 to level 60 in any expansion, previously players had to do this in Shadowlands. Destiny Mode threads are still very slow, so all of this is good news for Dragonflight itself. This is an expansion that is more suitable for replacement players, and in terms of end game mechanics, the importance of classes will give players with replacement players more rewards. It is recommended that your character be upgraded to level 40 or 50, so that waiting until November 15th to upgrade to level 50 or 60 will be very fast.

Lord of Draenor

Draenor’s level-up campaign has players traversing different areas, allowing players to gain side quests and complete bonus objectives that reward a lot of experience. If players play well, they will find themselves leveling up new characters very quickly. To start crafting a Draenor world, simply go into chromie and select Warlords of Draenor. Once the player completes the Brad Chrome quest, the game takes care of the rest. So this is great for leveling up new characters.

XP Boost

World of Warcraft Dragonflight now has two XP boosts. One of them is to activate war mode. War Mode is very handy as you usually get around a 20% XP boost when it’s activated. Blizzard’s purpose is to make up for the fact that active PVP usually slows you down, but eventually most people turn on war mode to boost XP. So they may ignore you even if they belong to other factions. Also, when you have war mode on, you can use your PVP talents, some of which are actually quite powerful, depending on your specialization.


Installed leveling tips for the next best WoW Dragonflight, so mounts change when leveling, they change with Shadowlands. So your normal ground mount level is 10, your fast ground mount level is 20, your slow flight level is 30, and your fast flight level is 40. This is all done through the regular trainer NPC in the home city, which also means you have to train your character, especially flying. Getting this training usually requires a lot of travel time, but if you’re doing a Legion game or a Draenor God of War game, you’ll get a second Hearthstone, the Garrison Hearthstone for the Guard and the Dalaran Hearthstone for the Legion. So players need to go back to their hometown to learn any mount skills that will be learned.

The above is a detailed guide on how to quickly level up in Dragonflight’s Prepatch. If players want to level up quickly in the game, you can subscribe to to see more World of Warcraft guides.

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