How To Defeat Eveline in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

The most crucial part of a Resident Evil game is fighting the bosses, and Resident Evil Village has some very memorable parts. After defeating all the chiefs in the main campaign, it’s time to take on the handful of chiefs present in the Shadows of RoseDLC. Players should not underestimate their opponent, as she can do a lot of damage. So this guide aims to introduce players how to defeat Eveline in Resident Evil Village. Players will also need a lot of Resident Evil Village Account to help defeat bosses in Resident Evil Village.

Collecting supplies

After stepping out of the elevator, Resident Evil Village players should move forward to a couple of items on a nearby table. The first is a flask that increases the size of the Rose Energy meter, and the second is a first aid kit. With limited supplies, players should have enough space to collect the first aid kit. After receiving encouragement from Michael, players are able to move on to the next room where Eveline is waiting for them.

How to defeat Eveline in Resident Evil Village

The first step in a boss battle with Eveline is to enter the actual boss room. Eveline is Resident Evil’s main antagonist, and although she plays an ordinary role in Resident Evil Village’s Shadows of Rose DLC, she still poses quite a threat. So when Eveline appeared in Winters’ room, the boss battle began. And all the player has to do is run fast to avoid drowning in the mold flood. Eventually players will reach the point where they must destroy the mold core to get through the white wooden door.

But most players will get stuck here because instead of going through this door, players must quickly turn around after destroying the mold core and go back to where they were. Returning to the hall and rounding the corner will start a short transitional animation, after which continuing on will lead to the actual boss fight room.

The second step of the boss fight relies on you hiding behind cover and knowing when to strike. The trick to surviving and defeating Eveline is to find cover. When you reach the boss fight room, Eveline will soon send out a shockwave. To avoid being hit by the shockwave, hide behind a nearby cover or any object that blocks her direct view. When she stops, you can stand up and use Ross’s power to hurt her. Using Ross’ power will do a lot of damage and you can continue fighting and hide back behind cover to wait for the next attack. Keep attacking her, knowing that she will eventually go upstairs and try to flood the first floor with mold. To avoid death, players need to destroy the nearby cores. Destroying the mold core will allow you to climb a set of stairs to continue the boss battle, and eventually finish the job by finding cover and waiting until Eveline enters the dormant stage to attack her.

The above is a specific guide to defeating Eveline in Resident Evil Shadows of Rose, players can subscribe to for more Resident Evil Village guides.

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