Warcraft Classic: How to Earn the Pilgrim Title

While World of Warcraft is often tied to what happens in real life, Pilgrim’s Bounty is a standalone world event where players can enjoy unique bosses, gear, and consumables that are only available during the event. Although all achievement tasks are not difficult, there are always one or two that need to test the player’s patience. So this guide will tell players how to get the title of Pilgrim in Warcraft Classic, and how players need to prepare enough WoW WotLK Classic Gold to help in the game to complete the bounty and get the title of Pilgrim.

Pilgrim’s Bounty

The Pilgrim achievement is a major achievement for the Pilgrim Bounty, requiring players to first earn all other achievements for this event, and completing this quest will reward the player with the Pilgrim title and a cute little turkey.

How to get the title of Pilgrim

There are a total of 9 achievements for Pilgrim’s Bounty Vacation. Completing the Pilgrim will reward you with the Pilgrim title and a plump turkey battle pet.

Now We’re Cookin’

For this achievement the player needs to cook every active recipe. To learn these recipes, simply purchase the plentiful recipes from the Pilgrim Bounty Merchant located outside any capital city. These unique dishes are slow roasted turkey, spiced bread stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce.

Pilgrim’s Peril

To earn this reward, players will need to don Pilgrim’s Dress, Pilgrim’s Robe, or Pilgrim’s Costume, then take a seat at a festive table set up outside all four hostile cities to complete the quest.

Sharing is Caring

There are five different dishes on each sumptuous table, and passing each of them on to other revelers is how to earn this achievement.

The Turkinator

This achievement is somewhat challenging, requiring players to kill a total of 40 turkeys with at least 30 seconds between each kill.


This achievement requires players to actively pass a dish to other players, which can be found on tables outside of every capital city, with increasing difficulty as the event progresses, as finding the one that actually sits next to the table people will become more difficult.

Pilgrim’s Paunch

Players will need to visit all four capitals of their faction and gain shared mental buffs in all of them. This buff grants the player a 5% reputation buff and a random well-fed buff.

Pilgrim’s Progress

Players will need to cook a large number of the same five artifact dishes mentioned above for each quest, and these daily quests are spread among the various faction capitals, as players will need to do some travel to complete them all.

Terokkar Turkey Time

Players need to wear the Pilgrim’s Hat, Pilgrim’s Dress, and Pilgrim’s Outfit to defeat the final boss of the Sethek Hall, Ikis the Claw. The title of the achievement refers to the location of this mortal enemy, the Sethekk Halls of Outland.

Turkey Lurkey

This is one of the more difficult accomplishments of the Pilgrim title. The turkey shooter is required, and players earn a limited amount by completing daily quests. Use them on one rogue of each race, including rogues of the opposing faction, to complete this quest.

The above is a specific guide on how to obtain the title of Pilgrim in Warcraft Classic. If players want to know other achievements that need to be completed in Warcraft Classic, they can subscribe to NF17.com for more news.

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