Fortnite: How To Fly 100 Meters In Octane

Do you want to know how to fly 100 meters continuously in Octane in Fortnite? Fortnite’s V22.40 update brings a lot of interesting new content to the game, and Octane has caused players to make a sensation and pursuit. Because it may become one of the best cars in the history of the game, each player wants to have an Octane and use all its features. Therefore, this guide will help players to complete Fortnite High Octane Quest and help them fly 100 meters in Octane for 100 meters. In addition, players also need to prepare enough Fortnite V-Bucks to help unlock Octane in the game.

What is Octane

Octane is a car with special features in Fortnite, which is a car that every player dreams of. At present, it also has some challenges to reward free cosmetics, and is welcomed by players. And Rocket League’s Octane vehicle can now be found in different places of Fortnite’s escape and zero construction model.

How to fly continuously in Octane in Fortnite for 100 meters continuously

Step 1: Start a new Fortnite game

Because the new vehicle exists in the two modes of zero construction and escape, players must load the new Fortnite competition in these two modes and cannot be found in the competitive mode. In addition, a considerable number of new Octane tasks are based on creative mode, and some fresh maps are available for attempts. However, this special challenge needs to be completed in the type of standard competition.

Step 2: Find Octane

Although many Octane vehicles walk on Fortnite’s map, it is the easiest to find in the main POI, such as::

Cloud apartment

Chonker’s track

Shiny sound

Pollution tower (previously called tilt tower)


Chromejam junction

However, these are not the only place you can get Octane, and there are three other three in the main POI. They are located in the west and the west and eastern part of the pioneer temple.

Step 3: Drive to the nearest hill or mountain range

When you find the car, you must get in the car immediately and leave, because many players will chase it. You need to enter a safe place as soon as possible, drive to the nearest hill or mountain range, this challenge needs to be completed somewhere from a high place. If you don’t go well, you can build a very high ramp by yourself.

Step 4: Jump and improvement

The rest is to use the acceleration and jumping function of the vehicle to extend the flight time as much as possible. At the edge of any tall object you are, press the jump button and rush forward to the ground. Maximize distance. If the player fails to succeed in the first attempt, they can return to the slope below The Last Legs at any time and try again.

Once you complete the challenge and fly for 100 meters in Fortnite’s Octane, you will be more likely to get some exquisite cosmetics and other rewards. Players can learn from the above guidelines to complete this challenge to get rewards in the game. Players can also subscribe to to get other guidelines for Fortnite.

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