Divinity Original Sin 2: How To Get The Vulture Suit

Players of Divinity: Original Sin 2 are urged to collect all of the game’s loot because it will always have a hidden purpose in the future, and the Vulture Armor set is absolutely worthwhile purchasing. The Rivellon DLC’s Four Relics now include the Vulture Armor set, which is beneficial for characters with ranged skills. Five pieces of armor can be obtained by completing the “Keep Calm and Carrion” task in Divinity 2 by the player. To obtain the Divinity: Original Sin 2 Vulture set, players can Buy Divinity: Original Sin 2 in-game.

How to Get the Divinity: Original Sin 2 Vulture Outfit

Any ranged character employing skills will benefit greatly from vulture armor, and Divinity 2 rogues would benefit greatly as well. The book Dwarven Customs and Traditions must first be located by players. This book, which can be found in Judge Ollivander’s study in Fort Joy, mostly instructs the player on how to begin making vulture armor.

The Reaper’s Coast, especially X:218, Y:33, is the setting for the next section of “Keep Calm and Carrion.” To create source-infused meat, players must combine raw mutton, source orbs, and earth essences. After offering this meat to Mordus’ digsite, Duna’s Undertaker will be summoned.

In Divinity 2, players can also counteract this by taking on Duna’s Undertaker, but it is advised that they be at least level 15 before doing so. Players can gauge how difficult the battle is until this problem is fixed. The Cursed Vulture Feather, an artifact needed to create the Vulture armor set in Divinity 2, will be given to the player if they triumph. The curse can be revealed by casting a blessing and dropping a feather on the ground, or it can be lifted by making a set of cursed armor, donning it, and casting a blessing.

The Divinity 2 vulture suit must be made by combining leather armor and vulture feathers.

These works include:

Vulture’s Claw (boots)

Vulture’s Legs (leggings)

Vulture’s Cloak (Chestplate)

Vulture Mask (Helmet)

Vulture Claw (Gloves)

While players can mix and match parts in-game, having a full set of parts offers special benefits, such as permanent flying, +4 meters of farsightedness on all ranged attacks, immunity to blindness, increased hit damage, and the abilities Dust Shock Skill and Vulture’s Prayer. Although the Vulture Armor set isn’t the greatest armor in Divinity: Original Sin 2, its special benefits and inherent abilities make it worthwhile to purchase.

The way described above is how you obtain the Vulture outfit from Divinity Original Sin 2. Players can subscribe to NF17.com to watch the instructions if they wish to gain other suits in Divinity 2.

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