How To Find And Defeat The Ageless Champion Boss In Fortnite Chapter 4

In Fortnite’s Chapter 4’s first season, the leader is The Ageless Champion. To finish the good night quest in the game, players must vanquish the Ageless Champion. He is the most evil character in every chapter. The player will receive a huge 2000XP reward for defeating him. His body can also be looted; it contains a Shockwave Hammer and an Ex-Caliber Rifle. The perpetual companion boss in Fortnite is a challenging opponent, so this tutorial will show players how to locate and take him down. Players must also purchase enough Fortnite V-BUCKS in order to enhance their equipment.

Where is the Ageless Champion of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

The commander of the Imaginary Order, The Ageless Champion , also known as Gino’s Snapshot, is a key character in each of the game’s four chapters. The old friend is a boss NPC in Fortnite Chapter 4, however he is not as helpful to the player as other NPCs in the game. He cannot be hired by players to join their group, and they cannot purchase weapons from him. Instead, he is full of surprises at first and will attack you as soon as he sees you. He could be anywhere in this area and won’t just hang out in one spot, so you need to search everywhere for him.

In the heart of The Citadel, on the north side of the main castle roof, the Ageless Champion  prowls. When he first sees you, he will have a question mark over his head. The white question mark will change into a red exclamation point and he will come to attack you if you don’t flee right away. In Fortnite, an Ageless Champion cannot be bargained with or traded with, and anyone who enters his fortress is viewed as an enemy invader.

How to beat the Ageless Champion in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Get ready to go to The Citadel because the Ageless Champion will attack you as soon as it spots you. He can rapidly knock you down if you’re not ready. He will assault you with two new, potent weapons: the Ex-Caliber Rifle and the Shockwave Hammer. The Ex-Caliber Rifle deals 150 damage when it hits you. The steps to the west of the Ageless Champion boss’s starting location are the finest cover to use when fighting him in Fortnite. The Ageless Champion will have a very tough time hitting you if the player stays on the steps and shoots over them. You can also move left and right to make him more difficult to hit. He doesn’t move, and his Ex-Caliber Rifle fires quite slowly, so it should be a simple target while he’s reloading.

Players can find and take the legendary Ex-Caliber Rifle after finding and beating the Ageless Champion fight in Fortnite Chapter 4. Players can sign up for the extensive acquisition instructions on to learn more about weaponry in Fortnite.

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