Minecraft: How to Get and Use Moss Blocks

Although it wasn’t included in Minecraft 1.19, moss is a very new block. This block is a part of the Cave biome, which was prominently featured in the new Lush Cave ecosystem during the Minecraft Live 2020 event. We will outline detailed instructions for gamers on how to acquire and utilize moss blocks in Minecraft in this article. To obtain extra moss blocks in the game, players must also have enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins prepared.

What are moss blocks used for in Minecraft?

Although moss bricks in Minecraft don’t have many useful applications, they do have some unique visual traits. Podzol, soil, sand, gravel, stone, deep slate, tuff, granite, andesite, and diorite nearby turn into moss blocks when bone meal is applied to moss blocks. Moss carpets can be made using moss bricks as well. Like regular wool rugs, they are made in the same manner (except changing the wool to moss blocks). Blocks made of moss have a 0.1 hardness and can be broken more quickly with a hoe. Moss blocks can be easily broken with a stone hoe or better. Moss Stones/Moss Stones, which were previously exclusively found in constructions and could not be built, can now be made by players using Moss Blocks.

How to Find Moss in Minecraft

The Part 2 of the Caves and Cliffs Minecraft 1.17 update, which will be released later this year, will introduce lush caves, where moss blocks are now only found. Additionally, trading with Wandering Traders can be used to acquire Minecraft Moss Blocks. Players must exchange 2 emeralds for 1 moss block, however they should only buy one because there is a simple way to make extra moss once you have the block. The player must therefore ensure that there is bone meal on hand, which can be made from a single bone to get 3 bone meal or from a bone block to yield 9 bone meal.

In order to use Bone Meal on Moss Blocks, players must place them adjacent to Gravel, Dirt, Stone, Deep Slate, Tuff, Granite, Andesite, or Podzol Blocks. When you do this, the nearby blocks will become covered in Minecraft moss, which you can then break to make more moss by repeating the process.

How to Use Moss Blocks in Minecraft

Players don’t need to collect too many moss blocks because they can easily make more with bone meal in Minecraft, which is abundant in Lush Caves. The moss blocks in Minecraft have the ability to change other blocks and grow vegetation, but they may also be utilized, with a success rate of 65%, to raise the amount of compost. All plants in the Java Edition of Minecraft can be put on moss blocks, with the exception of the cactus variety. Mushrooms will only adhere to the surface of moss blocks at light levels 12 or lower, however nether fungi (warts) can also be placed on moss.

The information given above is a detailed tutorial on how to get and use moss bricks in Minecraft. Players can register with NF17.com to receive further information on Minecraft products.

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