Elden Ring: Where to Find Master Lusat

The game’s Elden Ring has been its major feature in 2022, but for many players, the enormous array of weapons, armor, and items may be its best aspect. In the game, there is thrilling stuff to be found after each combat and wherever else. However, some of the game’s final weapon and armor sets are only accessible after completing particular questlines. The player can purchase enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes in the game by following this advice, which explains where to find Master Lusat in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Master Lusat of the Elden Ring

Sellia Hideaway in Caelid is where you can find Master Lusat. Finding Sellia Hideaway’s entrance is the first mission. Head north up the hill, passing under the Wooden Tree Arch, starting at the Plague Shrine Church in the center of Kellid. In between some trees and a wizard, to the northeast, is where you’ll find a cemetery. After eliminating the magician, move behind the main tombstone and roll or attack the rock wall to expose the secret opening.

The tunnels in Sellia Hideaway are very dark, therefore Tarnished should definitely approach with a lantern, torch, or lighting spell. Enter the tunnel via the Sellia Hideaway entrance to reach the Land of Grace. Pass a few adversaries as you descend deeper into the cave until you come upon an open space with a sizable crystal. Pass the Crystal Bridge forward, then turn right to cross over another bridge. Kill the adversaries and leap across the chasm to the following platform. Turn right along the platform’s edge and leap to the next gap on the right. Another crystal bridge is on the left as you descend the ramp.

The extensive crystal walkway lets players know which alcove contains a hostile snail. Jump down, but be cautious since a Raya Lucaria Sorcerer is watching over the area below. The Tarnished will discover a tiny tunnel blocked off by a bright, glowing guard after slaying the wizard. Run up to it, then jump down to finish off the adversary. A cave with two sizable crystals on either side is behind the adversary. You can locate Master Lusat’s body within if you enter.

The Sorceress Sellen questline’s Master Lusat is a requirement for the Astrologer class. Take Selen’s Spellbreaker to Selia’s Hideout to finish the difficult journey to locate the witch Selen’s previous master.

Rewards for finding the location of Lustat

In the Elden Ring, players can try to talk to Master Lustat, but they will only get the Destroyer Star spell before being entirely ignored. The Doom Star isn’t the only benefit Lustat can provide, though. After finishing Sellen’s questline, the Tarnished should head back to the Lustat master’s position in the Elden Ring, where they’ll discover Lustat’s suit, made up of:

Head: Lustat’s Amphibious Crown

Body: Rustat’s Robe

Hands: Lustat Hand Warmers

Legs: Legwraps of the Old Wizard

Players can check various Elden Ring quest guides on NF17.com. The above is where to discover the specific Master Lusat guide in Elden Ring.

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