High on Life: All The Weapons And Where To Find Them

This loud group is not just sentient but also an insulting bunch, and they are more than happy to voice their opinions on the game’s action because High on Life lacks any standard player-choice weapons. Five guns and a knife total six weapons in High On Life. Each has a distinct primary and secondary firepower as well as some interesting gameplay features. The main purpose of this guide is to inform players of all the weapons in High on Life and their locations. To assist them in obtaining these weapons, players must purchase enough High on Life Accounts in the game.

High On Life All Weapons

High On Life has a total of six guns, namely:


During the Skrendel Bros bounty in High on Life, the creature can be discovered on Zephyr. The only difference between a mob and a grenade or rocket launcher is that a mob shoots its own children rather than using actual dynamite. These teeny animals will sprint forward to attack obstacles in your path as well as unlock doors and corridors for you. They will be able to give gamers additional health in High on Life through upgrading. As the Creature’s unique ability sends out a special youngster with enemy control, they are also helpful for startling opponents.


The Gus is a close-range weapon that resembles a shotgun and is particularly effective at eliminating tiny foes with a single shot. He does, however, reload significantly more slowly, so whenever you can, get reload upgrades for him. Players in High on Life have access to much greater platforming potential and lethal weapons thanks to Gus’s puck ability. Gus is a component of the Krubis bounty, High on Life’s first significant bounty, for which participants will be awarded 1,500 pesos.


The player’s starting point is Kenny. His primary weapon is a pistol, but he also has a secondary weapon known as the Glob Shot that he may use to launch explosive missiles at foes to send them flying and break open puzzle walls and bridges. The game will begin with Kenny’s appearance. The only melee weapon available to players in High on Life is Kenny. Luglox chests need to be opened by Kenny. Knifey is also effective in close range fighting because he can hit multiple adversaries that resemble minions with a single blow.


The player’s battle knife, known as The Knifey, can be used to pry open luglox or as a progressive melee weapon against foes. Because of his extremely ruthless nature, he will kill anyone, including players. He can also be used as a tether to hook hookworms or metal surfaces. When you arrive at the Laundromat in the Slums as part of the Bounty: 9-Torg mission, The Knifey will be accessible.


A tremendously potent plasma cannon, the Lezduit shoots an arc at foes. His arc automatically targets each enemy at the same time, making him effective against groups of adversaries. It takes some time for it to burn again after it runs out of juice, though. After Gene “fixes” him after beating Nipulon in the Bounty: Nipulon quest, Lezduit will become available.


Sweezy is an assault rifle that resembles a Gatlian; her shots move quickly and deal slightly less damage. Her shots also leave crystals on the targets that can be set off to deal more damage. A time bubble created by Sweezy’s special attack slows down all things and opponents inside it. In addition to giving the player platforming choices, it also lets them slow down adversaries. Sweezy also possesses a charging lens that may harm foes concealed by cover and explode crystals to deliver shots with greater damage.

The information provided above is a detailed map of all the weaponry in High on Life and their locations. Players who are interested in additional High on Life news and guides should sign up for NF17.com.

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