The Best Melee Weapons To Use In Sons Of The Forest

In Sons Of The Forest, players will uncover a variety of crafting techniques and weapons to add to their collection. Each of these items has special stats that let players compete with others who live in this perilous region. In a fight, the cannibals are in the lead. Finding new things buried in abandoned bunkers and gloomy dungeons, where players find their vital ranged and melee weapons, is one of the game’s most enjoyable activities. The best melee weapons in Sons of the Forest will be explained to gamers in this guide. In the game, players must have a sufficient number of Sons of the Forest Items.


The putter is mostly used as a joke weapon in Sons Of The Forest, and as players explore abandoned hospitals and discover printed emails, they may witness elderly inhabitants sharing jokes. The desire to play golf is shared by wealthy people, who ultimately locate putters but never golf balls. In Sons Of The Forest, putters may be found in a number of crucial spots, and if players can also acquire golf balls, they can actually use putters to whack golf balls. On the course, a putter can be used as a club, although golf is more enjoyable.

Tactical knife

When the game first begins, the Combat Knife, commonly known as the Utility Knife, is in the player’s inventory. In order to gather food for the forest children, it is mostly utilized for creating things and isolating mutants or animals. Yet, it can be employed efficiently if the player requires a quick weapon. The knife hits unexpectedly quickly, delivers absurd damage, and cannot be blocked by the player. If the player has no other options, it can be an effective melee weapon for the Children of the Forest.

Electric baton

On the island, there is a mound of bones where you can find a melee weapon called a Taser. This melee weapon only deals moderate damage, but every time you strike an opponent, they get electrocuted. Although you won’t be able to dispatch any cannibals swiftly with this baton, it can be a useful tool on multiplayer servers. Just have a few players use this weapon to continually stun foes while everyone else swings an ax to quickly dispatch electrocuted cannibals.


The craftable bow, another ranged weapon that hurts foes with arrows, is an excellent upgrade to the crossbow. This weapon has a clear sight, is simpler to aim, and deals more damage per shot than craftable bows. Anybody interested in stealth should use a crossbow because the arrows are silent and won’t alert other cannibals in the area. The tool can also be used to stealthily stalk animals like deer from a distance.


This handgun is a fantastic long-range weapon that causes a ton of damage and was discovered on a raft off the coast of the island. Pistols have an integrated iron sight to help with aiming, unlike craftable bows, however keep in mind to save ammo and make sure every shot counts. The pistol is an excellent weapon on its own, but you may also search carefully for upgrades for the guns strewn throughout the island. The strength and adaptability of the pistol will be greatly increased by the addition of a suppressor or a new pistol rail, making it a superb alternative for any ranged conflict.

The greatest melee weapons in Sons of the Forest are those mentioned above. Players can purchase affordable Sons of the Forest Weapons in the game to help them acquire additional melee weapons.

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