Fortnite Crew Membership April 2023 (Start Date, Price and Rewards)

Every month, Fortnite releases exclusive cosmetics that are exclusively accessible to subscribers who buy the Crew Pack. As a result, the April Crew Pack will soon be available. Gamers have been looking forward to the April Crew Pack’s release with great anticipation. You can learn more about the Fortnite April Crew Pack in this guide, including its release date and timing. In the game, players can stock up on Fortnite V-BUCKS.

What are Fortnite Crew Packs?

Players of Fortnite can receive a variety of benefits through The Fortnite Crew Pack, a monthly subscription service. Only Fortnite Crew members can purchase the exclusive cosmetic items included in this premium subscription. These products, however, might reappear in later Crew Packs. Since its debut on December 2, 2020, many gamers have benefited from this monthly subscription. Players may also earn gifts from the Fortnite Crew Pack in the Save the World, Creativity, and Battle Royale game types.

Fortnite April Crew Pack: Release date and time

April’s Fortnite Crew membership rewards will go live on March 31, 2023 at:

1 April 2023 at 12am BST

7 p.m. ET

4 p.m. PT

Fortnite April Crew Pack Prices

For different currency standards, here are the Fortnite Crew pack prices:




The above prices don’t seem bad considering the Battle Pass usually costs around $9.50.

All Fortnite Crew Pack Rewards for April 2023

Also, monthly prizes for Fortnite Crew subscribers include 1,000 V-Bucks that can be used in the Fortnite Item Shop. The monthly V-Bucks payout is likely the most helpful perk of a Fortnite Crew membership because many of the top cosmetic packages for Fortnite cost players a fortune.

Only on the billing day, subscribers are eligible to claim their monthly V-Bucks. All Fortnite Crew subscriptions come with the expensive Fortnite Chapter Four Season 2 Battle Pass, which offers a variety of perks and allows subscribers to earn even more V-Bucks.

A Photon Strike Pickaxe is also given to subscribers at the end. Players acquire a new upgrade stage on the bill date of each month they subscribe to Fortnite Crew. This unique pickaxe may be updated a total of six times in various styles and colors. The players who are willing to subscribe for a long time will receive this incentive. Otherwise, users can begin redeeming their Fortnite Team Pack incentives for April 2023 on March 31 at 8 PM ET. To get ready for Fortnite, players can get affordable Fornite Top Up in-game.

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