All Babies’ Quirks in The Sims 4: How to Change a Baby’s Quirks

The Sims 4 Grow Together expansion pack introduces a new system called Baby Quirks, which functions as a personality trait for infants before they go on to later life phases. The player has fresh opportunities to engage with the child at this point. The game adds particular quirks and qualities to each baby to make them distinctive. Players can buy enough copies of The Sims 4 Standard Edition in-game to receive the full list of baby qualities featured in the Grow Together expansion pack and what they do.

What are Baby quirks?

Babies and young children are special. Every newborn and child also begins with three secret idiosyncrasies in addition to their qualities. When the affected behavior takes place, these peculiarities are automatically picked up on and affect how Sims act in their current age group. To review these peculiarities when they are found, go to the Features section of the Simology panel.

All Baby Quirks Listed in The Sims 4 Growing Together

It’s simple to spit up after eating because the digestive system is still maturing.

Excellent appetite: enjoys eating a variety of foods.

Infants with stomach issues that are gassy (make them fussy).

Sneezes frequently: Infants who sneeze frequently spread more germs throughout the home.

Infants are more prone to awaken early in the morning.

Tinkler can use the bathroom while being fed while being fed.

Burping frequently: Infants frequently burp, which increases the amount of gas in their tummies.

Free-Air Tinkler: When changing diapers, caregivers may urinate on them (caregiver sanitation meter drops).

Picky eaters: those who are finicky about a range of foods.

Mess eaters are more prone to make a mess of their high chair and themselves while eating.

Like when it’s time to get up: Get up, and be joyful.

Enjoy sound: Listen to music, watch TV, and other activities.

Hates being picked up and held, especially by people who are not caregivers. likes to be criticized.

Dislike early rising: frequently waking up irritates.

Tiny Babbler: A chatty infant who enjoys gurgling to himself or others.

Hugs well: Reacts well to being taken up or picked up, but negatively to being put down.

Snuggly Sleeper: Enjoys dozing off while being strapped into a harness. When placed in a crib or on the floor, the person cannot get any sleep (instant crying in this state).

Self-soothers: Infants who are upset or sobbing especially try to quiet themselves by putting their fingers and toes in their mouths.

How to Get Rid of Weird Behavior in The Sims 4 Growth Jointly

Certain peculiarities, such as “likes to be held,” are challenging to deal with. They may divert your focus from other objectives. Fortunately, The Sims 4 lets you get rid of some of its oddities.

Click Sims.

Choose “Package Cheats” from the menu.

Choose EP:13 Growing Together and Expansion Packs after that.

Choose “Eliminate Quirks” under the “Baby Quirks” heading.

The same approach can be used to add a new one.

That’s all there is to know about The Sims 4 Growing Together’s baby peculiarities. The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition allows players to provide an adequate amount of content to adjust the baby’s characteristics.

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