5 Reasons You Should Have a Spare Car Key

Dealers typically give you two keys to the vehicle when you purchase a new vehicle. Your primary key will be one of the two, and your backup key will be the other. Nevertheless, you often only get one key when you purchase a used automobile. Thus, you will still require making duplicate automobile keys in the future. But why, in the first place, do you require an extra car key? This article lists five justifications for keeping an extra car key. At lockpickmall.com, you can also get sufficient Lock Picking Tools.

Save time

You can experience delays and even miss essential appointments if you misplace your lone set of car keys. If you haven’t driven in more than a week, it might notice that. However, some big dealers may require up to seven days to order replacement keys from abroad. Auto locksmiths can typically replace lost car keys within 24 hours.

Getting into a car while locked out

You cannot anticipate auto halt situations, and they are invariably connected to accidents. Close the door if you unintentionally leave the key in the car; it only takes a minute. With a backup car key, you can quickly unlock the car, get your original keys, and carry on your trip. Because you won’t need to hire a locksmith service, it might ease your tension and save you a ton of money.

Spare car key allows two drivers

Sharing a car can be annoying, but having a car with just one key can be really annoying. It can be irritating to often remove your car keys from your key set, especially if you have to do it with your companion every day. You’ll have a set of keys to fit your journey if you use a spare car key.

Security in case of key corruption

Modern automobile keys are quite durable, but they do occasionally break. The key may snap off or the transponder chip may cease to function. Having a spare key in this situation enables you to continue driving your car while looking for a new key.

Security when keys are stolen

Although lost car keys are a pain, having an extra set of keys can help keep your automobile secure. By cutting a new key and separating it from the old key, you can drive your car to a safe location before calling an auto locksmith if you can grab a spare key and get to your car before the would-be thief. To restore the car’s security, remove the old key’s data. the automobile’s ECU.

There are valid reasons to obtain a spare key from an auto locksmith as opposed to a major dealership. First, a car locksmith can typically come to your house within 24 hours to cut and program a new key, but big dealers may need up to a week to complete the task. A mobile auto locksmith will also come to you rather than forcing you to visit a dealership. Visit lockpickmall.com to see our wide variety of Locksmith Tools if you’re curious about the many types of locks.

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