Disney Dreamlight Valley: Egg Decorating Quest Guide

Along with the opportunity to win a ton of fantastic things from Disneyland Starwalk, you can also begin completing unique missions in the village with Easter and Spring-themed rewards. You’ll need to start creating and go on a quick egg hunt throughout your valley in order to finish this mission. Players can prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game to complete egg decoration in Disney Dreamlight Valley in this manner.

How to Complete Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Easter Egg Decorating Quest

You need to gather Easter eggs from all throughout the Eggstravaganza event before beginning this quest. During the event, there are three different kinds of eggs to gather: wild spring eggs, egg fruits, and spring V-EGG-vegetables. While egg-laying fruit can be discovered on specific bushes, wild spring eggs can be found on the ground.

Spring V-EGG-etables must be constructed at the same time. You need a Wild Spring Egg, an Egg Cell Fruit, and 20 Dreamlights to make a V-EGG Edible Seed. You can harvest a Spring V-EGG-etable 45 minutes after planting the seeds, watering, and waiting. Once you’ve gathered all three varieties of healthy eggs, you can use them to create unique furniture with an egg motif.

Dreamers in Disney Dreamlight Valley must produce four new things and deliver them in order to finish the egg decorating quest. Dreamers are allowed to create the same object four times, therefore it is not necessary to create four unique components. The “Don’t Put It All in One Basket” Basket, Easy Chair, Spring Egg, and Sunny Face Arch are among the pieces that are available.

I wouldn’t recommend doing Pring Stall until you’re finished with the quest since it doesn’t count. The good thing about this quest is that you can manufacture four of the simplest objects and they will still count towards it. This means that you can complete it much faster by simply crafting four Over Easy Chairs.

You should gather as many eggs as you can. Additionally, you can finish WALL-E’s unique daily and weekly objectives to acquire some extra eggs more quickly. To get some more fruit, I advise you to bring a harvest partner as frequently as you can. You’ll need the following materials to assemble four armchairs:

Wild Spring Egg x20

Egg fruit x20

When you’ve finished crafting them, go to the furnishings option and set them up in your village so that it will count toward your tasks. Even while it can take some time to collect everything you need, you’ll be rewarded with a unique Tulip Lamp once you’re done. Additionally, it is a piece of furniture that may be added to any location in the village to enhance the spring theme.

Keep in mind that once unlocked, Tulip Lamps can also be bought at Scrooge’s Shop if players desire more. Unfortunately, each of them will set you back 10,000 Star Coins. Additionally, more of these spring furniture items can still be created once the Eggs-ceptional decorating quest is finished for additional décor. Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley should be sure to gather every Easter Egg before the Eggstravaganza event concludes on April 29 because no Easter Eggs will be available. Easter eggs must be collected early using Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts.

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