How To Open The Big Winner Safe In Last Of Us Part 2

The Big Win safe houses one of the more well-known weapons in the barren backdrop of Last of Us Part 2’s many safes. Strongboxes frequently have amazing treasure that gamers can use to combat difficult opponents like Clickers. How can I unlock the Big Win Safe in the Last of Us: Part 2 Walking Chapter? The location of the safe, all the relevant hints, and the safe’s combination code are all provided in this tutorial. In order to succeed in the game, players must have enough The Last of Us 2 Money for Sale.

How to Find Big Winning Combinations in Our Last Of Us Part 2

We need to locate the unlock code before we can open the safe. After leaving the stadium, Abby must utilize the boat to escape the warehouse in Seattle – Day 1: On Foot. With Mel, ascend to the roof, then down the exterior steps. Once there, you’ll find the beige portable in the middle of the space. Break windows by throwing bottles or bricks, then jump inside. After some digging, Abby will discover more Indiana coins, and one of the walls will contain a cork board with the combination to the Big Win safe written on a lotto ticket marked in red. The code is 17-38-07, similar to the anniversary safe in Last of Us Part 2, to make sure players enter it correctly.

How to Find the Safe Big Winner in Last Of Us Part 2

Once you have the code, open the suitcase’s door. Look to the right after passing through the wire fence opening straight in front of you. Abby will be able to walk through a crack in the wall that will be large enough. On the room’s left side, there is a safe. Use the arrow keys to open the safe after entering the lottery ticket combination. The Hunting Pistol, which deals tremendous damage to foes but takes longer to reload and only holds one round at a time, is the “big winner” in this scenario. There are numerous things to steal from the area, including the safe, so don’t forget to search the entire room. The Pistol Holster, which enables quick switching between the Gand Gun and Hunting Pistol, should eventually be accessible to players in The Last of Us Part 2.

Players should seek out these other safes and get ready to Buy The Last of Us 2 Money since there are a ton of additional safes in Last of Us Part 2 that will give characters new weapons, holsters, ammo, and crafting supplies. The Last Of Us Part 2 is so large that it’s easy to overlook something, therefore a reference manual can occasionally be useful.

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