How to Unlock a Door with a Hole (Privacy Lock)

Wondering how to open a door with a hole, most private locks are push button locks. Instead of a keyhole, this type of lock has a small hole. Fortunately, it’s easier to unlock than deadbolts and other front door locks. It’s designed for privacy, and you can find this on bedroom or bathroom doors. There are many ways to open a locked door with holes, this guide will bring you the methods, you can buy enough Lock Picking Set at

What is a Privacy Lock

A privacy lock is a type of lock used indoors, such as on bathroom and bedroom doors, to swiftly lock a space for privacy. These locks are typically activated using a push button or turn button when privacy is sought. These locks serve the objective of privacy rather than security. As a result, they have an emergency hole built in that enables quick and simple insertion of a small tool to unlock them. With the help of different household items and spare keys, they can be simply evaded.

How to Unlock Privacy Lock

A typical privacy lock has a pinhole in its outer knob and no key. When you unlock them from the outside, you can use the hole as a keyway for a rod or thin metal rod.

The following steps will unlock a push-twist or privacy lock without damaging the door.

Step 1: Find a privacy or emergency key

New privacy locks frequently come with an extra key when you purchase them. Assuming you have this key in your possession, simply place the flat end into the lock hole, feel the groove of the lock, and turn the key either clockwise or counterclockwise when you feel it is the proper turn. The entire process will take no more than five seconds.

Step 2: If you don’t have an emergency or privacy key, use a screwdriver

If you don’t have an emergency key, you must have a small screwdriver, like the kind you use for glass repairs. Similar to the previous step, you need to insert it into the keyhole. The goal is to get the head of the screwdriver into the groove. A little wiggle here and there and your tool hits the right spot, then you need to turn it until you can open the lever lock or knob.

It can be foolish yet risky to lock yourself out of a room. This article will show you how to use a knife, screwdriver, or bobby pins to unlock a door in case you ever need to do so. Every doorknob can be opened with a little practice and perseverance. To view our variety of Lock Picking Kit, visit

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