How To Get Gold Fast In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 27, 2022 for a sneak preview, and FIFA 23 coins is the virtual currency in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that players can use to trade items and buy packs. Do you want to know how to get gold coins fast in FIFA 23? This guide will give you detailed information on how to get FIFA 23 coins fast in FUT 23.

What are the coins in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

FIFA Coins are the in-game currency used to buy card packs and players in the transfer market of FIFA Ultimate Team. You will need FIFA coins to boost your team and be extremely competitive in FIFA Ultimate Team. However, any remaining FIFA coin in FIFA 22 cannot be used in FIFA 23. Therefore, it is essential to start storing your FIFA 23coins as early as possible.

How to get gold fast in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Use the Bronze Pack

One of the easiest ways to make money in FIFA 23 is to flip bronze packs, and since bronze packs are relatively cheap (750 coins), many players buy a handful and list their contents on the market. There are certainly many benefits to investing in these bronze packages. Every so often, Squad Building Challenges (SBC) will require very specific bronze medals. Be sure to check which ones you have and don’t be afraid to grab them for a while. Suddenly, if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself turning 750 coins into a few thousand. As for consumables, you’ll undoubtedly find them in most packs, such as kits, badges, and even pitch cards, and you can sell them quickly. It doesn’t matter if they are bronze, silver or gold, no one will pay a high price for them.

Quickly Sell Unwanted Players

If you want to sell a player quickly for a small amount of currency, then select that player and see if you can sell them quickly. However, you must have some patience for cards that sell well in the market. Sometimes this is the case with the Lineup of the Week (TOTW) player cards. Unless they are used in a specific SBC, lower league or overall TOTW players won’t bring much to the market. But it’s also possible that players can only sell games for 10k+ gold coins. As for regular players, it depends on their quality and rarity. Be sure to check when you pack a player, as the value will change over time.

Squad Building Challenge

This is one of the best ways to get FIFA 23 Coins because you can earn rewards by completing squad challenges. In FIFA 23, the amount of cash you get depends on the difficulty level of the challenge. You can also contact some of the best players by completing these challenges. In Team Battle, players will face random teams in Ultimate Team. This mode includes the current team, as well as an overall featured lineup. Both modes are more difficult to handle, but in this mode, players can choose their difficulty level. Of course, the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward for winning. Team battles are played weekly, and depending on the number of points a player collects, they are rewarded with a variety of packs (tradable) as well as large bundles of coins.

Play FUT Tournaments

By playing and completing any type of tournament in FUT, you will earn a certain number of coins. Even if you lose a match, you will get a certain number of FIFA coins. After completing a match, you can see how many coins you have earned in the match rewards list. Players can earn coins through specific goals of the FUT season. If you want to get the most out of your squad, an early gold gain is essential.

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