How To Collect All Johnny Silverhand Items In Cyberpunk 2077

Johnny Silverhand is a key character in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, and Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand items are spread throughout the game, ready to be passed on to V. You just need to follow a few steps to collect all the individual items, which include a full set of armor, a pistol, and a car, each of which is one of the best of its kind in the game. So this guide will explain how to collect all Johnny Silverhand items in Cyberpunk 2077, all the player has to do is to prepare enough Cheap Cyberpunk 2077 EuroDollar in order to collect the items.

Cyberpunk 2077 All Johnny Silverhand Collectibles Locations

Collectible 1: Johnny’s Vest

Automatically rewarded for completing the main quest “Tapeworm”, this is before the final story mission, near the end of the game. The undershirt is black, has a slimming effect, and has Johnny’s Samurai printed on it, making it the right combination to go with everything. Every piece of equipment in the game can be upgraded to a similar maximum, so although the armor is all random, the stats are equal based on the amount generated.

Collectible 2: Johnny’s Pilot

These will be awarded to the player upon completion of the Chippin’ In sidequest, which is part of Thief’s side quest line. Chippin’ In will be automatically added to your quest log during the course of the story, some time after completing Rogue’s main job. If you clear the story first you’ll get Johnny’s Vest, which then automatically unlocks that sidequest. Aside from some basic perks, each player has a different figure in Cyberpunk 2077, but these pilots look great on both the bat-wielding behemoth and the slim hacker master.

Collectible 3: Johnny’s Samurai jacket replica

Johnny’s jacket will be presented to players by Rogue at the end of the Chippin side job. The replica is fresh, and the appliqués and unique shoulder seams will stand out in the crowd. And any nice tattoos or shirts will be covered by this jacket, but it’s cool in its own right.

Collectible 4: Johnny’s Gun (Mallorian Arms 3516)

Kill Grayson in the Chippin’ In side quest, and during the conversation with Grayson, you will get a main objective: take Johnny’s gun, and select “Take Weapon” to get it. This gun is not only beautiful, but also has a unique loading and firing animation. But this pistol is considered to be the most powerful gun in the game, no matter how you upgrade it.

Collectible 5: Johnny’s car (Porsche 911)

Sparing Grayson’s life in Chippin’ In will reward the player with an access card that will open a marked container containing Johnny’s Porsche 911 II. It will automatically be added to your list of vehicles (but does not count towards the Autojock trophy/achievement, as you only need purchasable vehicles). If you don’t grab the key from Grayson, you won’t be able to open the container and you won’t be able to go back for the key after the mission.

Collectible 6: Johnny’s Pants

During the Psycho Fan show, Johnny’s Pants is located in a pink suitcase in the bedroom. It will have a yellow icon on it that you have to pass by to get to the guitar room, so it’s easy to see. There are no special requirements to unlock the “Psychofan” Gig. It will be unlocked automatically after getting Heywood’s Fixer and slightly increasing your Street Cred.

Collectible 7: Johnny’s Shoes

During the Family Heirloom contract, players will need to get recordings from specific cabinets. Inside, players can also find and collect boots. Some of the best shoes in the game are statistically fancy, but visually unattractive. Johnny would probably choose these all-black sneakers, which are usually good-looking and functional.

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