Fortnite: How To Emote in Flairship

Fortnite adds new missions every week, sometimes requiring players to determine where they need to go to complete certain tasks. And emotionality plays an important role in Fortnite, so this week there is a rather interesting challenge for players to complete, where players need to head to Flairship to express their emotions for five seconds, and after completing the task, players will receive some corresponding rewards. So this guide will help players how to go to Flairship in Fortnite Emote, players can prepare enough Fortnite V-BUCKS in Fortnite.

Where is Flairship located

Flairship is located on the northwest side of the map, near Rave Cave. Flairship is a recovered IO blimp that was captured and turned into a party area floating on top of Rave Cave. Players will need to land on it and make faces there to count the challenges. Since the Flairship blimp stays in the air for the entirety of each game, reaching it from the ground can be a tricky landmark. Previously, Fortnite players had relatively easy access near the top of Rave Cave, and of course, there are zip lines below, but players should use these tools with caution, as players are vulnerable to attack during their ascent to the blimp.

How to Emote in Flairship

Flairship is now hovering over the river leading to the Behemoth Bridge, and players will need to climb it using the zip line leading there, which is a safe landing spot even though the safe zone is away from the storm, as there are wind turbines on one side of the wind turbine and nearby boats available for players to move around at any time.

Players can use any expression to complete this challenge. But if they try to present a 5-second emote in “Flairship”, a sustained emote is more effective than a short 200 V-bucks emote. You can dance anywhere on the ship – on top, inside or on the sides. All you need to do is activate it, turn on the emote wheel and select an emote.

It’s great for getting into a blimp, finding weapons and shields, and then emoting when your opponent isn’t nearby. If there are too many opponents, use the fan on the blimp to fly and spin from the Flairship. You can come back later to complete the mission. Players will need at least 5 seconds to complete the mission, and completing this mission will award players 20,000 XP. you can use Battle Stars to unlock cosmetic items on the Battle Pass, including the popular Spider Gwen costume.

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