How To kill Enemies In The Porta-Pottyin Modern Warfare 2

In the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 campaign, players will encounter several tricky missions that will unlock certain achievements. The Dark Water mission features one of the unique achievements in which you must eliminate a player in a potty. The achievement is called A Crappy Way To Die, so this guide will instruct players on how to kill enemies in the porta-pottyin Modern Warfare 2. Players can also prepare enough Call of Duty Points in the game to help eliminate enemies.

How to get the Crappy Way To Die achievement in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign?

Finding the enemy is easy, the shooting itself isn’t hard, the main problem is your teammates’ itchy trigger fingers, and players must draw fast to get the porta-pottykill before your squad does. Here is a specific guide to killing enemies in the porch and unlocking crappy ways to die in Modern Warfare 2.

Players can unlock the achievement “Crappy Way to Die” in the Dark Water mission. After climbing the first platform of the oil rig and learning about the bottom, players will start walking up some stairs. Players will infiltrate the enemy hideout with Alejandro and others, this is the 12th mission in the campaign, players will find the mobile porta-pottyafter climbing up the stairs. Eliminate the first two enemies in the room and reach the top by climbing the stairs.

While climbing the stairs, the player looks to the right and will find two different mobile potty boxes. Shoot the mobile potty box on the left to destroy the enemies inside and unlock the A Crappy Way to Die achievement. Before you decide to take the stairs, however, it’s important that you put a few rounds in Porta-Potty, and you can even shoot them both just to be more sure.

Players can see many other enemies around and your team will deal with these Irene. keep in mind that players need to shoot the potty on the left. Since the player is shooting through an object, the player can empty the entire Fennec 45 magazine. After shooting the door potty, the player will see a dead enemy transfer out of it and quickly finish before the player’s team approaches the doorway while climbing the stairs to unlock the “Crappy Way to Die” achievement in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

If you’ve shot through the door and hit the enemy accurately, the AI will roll out of the porta-pottyand fall to the ground. If this happens, a notification will pop up stating that the player has unlocked the A Crappy Way to Die achievement in Modern Warfare 2.

Note that you will need to shoot Porta-Potty before going up the stairs to complete the rest of the mission . If you don’t, one of your teammates will shoot and you will have to restart the last checkpoint.

This is the specific guide to killing enemies in the porta-pottyin Modern Warfare 2. If players find this guide very helpful in eliminating enemies in the game, they can subscribe to for more useful news and guides.

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