Elden Ring: How To Get Fingerslayer Blade And How To Use It

The Fingerslayer Blade is a key item in the Elden Ring, and in order to obtain the Fingerslayer Blade for Ranni’s questline in the Elden Ring, Tarnished must explore the Night Sanctum of Nokron, the Eternal City. But where should players get Fingerslayer Blade? This guide will tell players how to get Fingerslayer Blade and how to use it in Elden Ring. Players can buy a lot of Cheap Elden Ring Runes to help get Fingerslayer Blade to complete a series of main and specific tasks. .

How to get Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring

Before you start looking for the location of the Elden Ring Fingerslayer Blade, you must head to the Mimic Tear. To enter this place, you must fight and defeat the Mimic Tear Boss.

Boss battles themselves can be very difficult, so players need to be prepared. Using weaker or lower level weapons would be a wise strategy.

Once the player goes to the Mimic Tear and defeats the boss the player can begin the journey to find the location of the Fingerslayer Blade in the Elden Ring. After the boss fight, go up the stairs and across the bridge. Players can complete this part faster by fast-tracking the journey with the horse.

The location of Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring is in Nokron Eternal City. Head to the Ruins of Grace’s Zulin and you can get the Fingerslayer Blade in the Elden Ring.

The closest Grace to it is the Night Shrine. Once you reach Grace’s Zulin Ruins, jump to the roof and head north until you reach the Holy Land area at night.

Once you reach the Sanctuary of the Night, you are one step closer to the Fingerslayer Blade’s whereabouts. Next, head northeast toward the giant building. There are a few mimic tears on the way, which you can fight or ignore.

Then enter the building and open the first chest in front of you.

The Fingerslayer Blade can help players achieve further victories in the game, and it is an important element of Lani’s questline, in which the witch Lani asks you to find the “Hidden Treasure of Nocron”.

This is a must-have item if you’re the completionist looking to unlock the 100% completion trophy in Elden Ring.

After finding the Fingerslayer Blade, you have to give the item to Runni. In return, she’ll give you the Karian Headstand Statue, which can be used to unlock the Karian Study.

How to use Fingerslayer Blade

Players can give the Fingerslayer Blade to Lani to use, which will help the player progress in her questline, and she will also give you the Carian Headstand Statue as a reward. This statue can be used to enter the Karian Study, turning the entire building upside down, allowing you to access hidden areas that were previously inaccessible, which will bring you one step closer to completing the Lanny the Witch questline.

The above is about how to get Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring and how to use it. If players want to know more about Elden Ring, please check NF17.com.

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