Dying Light 2: Faction Guide, Survivors or Peacekeepers?

The Survivors and Peacekeepers are the two main factions in Dying Light 2, in which traitors are also included. Wondering which faction to support in Dying Light 2? Each of these factions has its own goals, laws, purpose, and way of life, and there is no exact answer to what is right or wrong, except for the traitors, who are evil. This guide will tell players how to choose which faction to choose according to their own decisions in Dying Light 2. Players also need to purchase enough Dying light 2 Account in the game to help you get more faction rewards in the faction.

How factions work in Dying Light 2

The two main factions in Dying Light 2 are the Survivors and the Peacekeepers, and these two factions dominate every minute of the gameplay and story of the Techland sequel, offering players not only game upgrades and adjustments to the world around them, but also the story. different results. Factions in Dying Light 2 often fight against each other, especially during the game’s opening hours. Choosing which faction to inform the city of Villedor is very intuitive, and throughout the ruined city, players can assign themselves to the faction of their choice according to some important structures, and through this structure, make one group over another. For example, you can assign a power plant to Peacekeepers, and they can use this to provide players with traps around the city to fight against the infected.

Which faction is best in Dying Light 2, Survivors or Peacekeepers?

There is no single answer to which faction is best to choose in Dying Light 2, nor is there a single choice for you to decide whether to choose Survivors or Peacekeepers. Throughout Dying Light 2’s story, you’ll interact, work, and fight with members of both factions.


Survivors are for players who like to take advantage of the mobility aspect of their kit, and they offer more utility than weapons if you want to get out of danger and get to hard-to-reach places. They focus on building and maintaining a resourceful community rather than spending time wiping out the infected. Survivors get most of the rewards from Dying Light 2. Build new modes of transportation and steady supplies in cities to avoid battles, and improve your parkour abilities to make life a little easier. The faction rewards players can earn from surviving are as follows:



Landing bag

Survivor Revival


Upgraded airbag

Two-way zipline


If you side with the Peacekeepers, they tend to have more offensive tools to help you fight the infected. If you are the aggressive type, this faction is for you. The Peacekeepers approach to keeping the peace really shines through in their faction bonuses, which will help you fight the Infested, but also cause quite a bit of collateral damage and accidents. Players can earn these rewards to make fighting hordes of infected easier:

Car trap

PK Razor Canon

Electron trap

Crossbow Pack

Molotov lantern

Pendulum trap

UV trap

From the perspective of role-playing, whether to choose Survivors or Peacekeepers is entirely up to you. The faction that the player ally himself has no great influence on the plot, and you can freely choose the faction you want to strengthen. If you want to read more guides on other Dying Light 2 check out NF17.com.

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