Disney Dreaming Valley: How to Get Dreaming Fruit

You can gather various materials while playing Disney’s Valley of Lights, which you need to create items, prepare meals, or finish tasks. Some are simple for you to locate, while others are challenging. In a game update released in April, the makers included a brand-new fruit. Unlike the other fruits in the valley, this intriguing new fruit only grows on a certain tree, the dreamlight tree, which must also be planted. In the game, players can prepare sufficient Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts to acquire Dreamlight Fruit.

How to find the Valley of Dreams

Simba’s level 7 friendship quest in Dreamlight Valley is called The Seed of Memory. The Dreamlight Fruit will be unlocked as a reward for finishing this assignment. Make sure you have finished all of Simba’s prior friendship missions before beginning this one. Next, start a chat with him to begin the quest. The Dreamlight Tree is Simba’s primary concern as he learns his role in the valley: guarding it. The species of dream light tree was hidden in the mines beneath the Rizhao Plateau when the valley collapsed. A light source may be seen poking out from behind some rocks on the right side of the wall as you approach the mine after passing the waterfall.

When approached, the rock will vanish and reveal a chamber. Investigate the area and interact with the objects to discover the Dreamlight Seed locked in a machine. Next, discuss the Chamber of Secrets with Merlin. He will inform you that experiments are conducted in this area, also known as the Herbalist Room, and that the Dreamlight Tree seeds are “sleeping” and must be awakened. Growth Potions and Dust Potions must be made at a Crafting Station in order to awaken the seeds in the Disney Dream Valley of Light. Everything you’ll need for both potions is

2 empty bottles (where you will store your potions)

3 dream fragments

6 blueberries

3 night shards

3 orange swamp milkweed

These two potions can be exchanged for Dreamlight Tree Seeds. Get Simba to hear it. When the seed is planted, what follows is what happens. Regular watering of the tree is required.

How to unlock Dream Fruit

Plant dream light fruit trees on the sunny plateau next, as instructed by Simba. Once it is fully grown, you will need to water it with a watering can. Eventually, by interacting with trees, you can get Dreamlight Fruits. Following that, getting this fruit will be lot easier for you. It’s important to note that it costs 40 gold, which makes it quite pricey.

You can now plant a dream light tree seed outside the pond at Sunlit Plataeu and care for it until it produces fruit. But, it takes a while to grow, so you’ll need to take care of it for around two days. Finally, after much patience, you can use the dream light fruit. After that, you can carry on with Simba’s quest and learn how to finally create a Watering Can enchant that enables you to create more Dreamlight Trees, giving you access to additional Dreamlight Fruit. In the game, users can buy affordable Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts.

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