How To Beat Apep’s Oasis Guardian In Genshin Impact (All Stages)

Genshin Impact’s weekly boss is The Guardian of the Apep Oasis. At the conclusion of Act 2 of Nahida’s story mission, the Dendro Dragon, which was added as part of the 3.6 update, can be seen. After completing a quest, fields become available, allowing you to harvest encounters at your convenience. However, rewards are only given after your first successful clear of each week. In the game, players must have a sufficient amount of Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals.

How to Unlock and Locate the Guardian of the Apep Oasis Boss in Genshin Impact

You must attain adventure level 40 in order to unlock and enter the boss. Additionally, in order to get to Nahida’s first tale quest, “Sapientia Oromasdis Act I,” players must first finish a few prerequisite Sumeru Archon questlines. You then have to finish Nahida’s second Story Quest, “Homecoming” from Sapientia Oromasdis Act II. The boss can be found in a desert region. To make it simpler to approach the monster, it is advised that players first open the teleportation spots nearby and the Hadramavis desert sub-area.

How to Beat Apep Dendro Dragon Weekly Boss in Genshin Impact

Guardians of Apep Oasis – Phase 1

There are three separate phases to the boss battle with the Apep Oasis Guardian. You must first combat the Last Oasis Wardens. The boss battles at this point aren’t particularly skillful, except from the fact that they have a ton of health. He’ll try to take your character down, but if you employ elemental reactions skillfully, you should be able to finish him out quickly.

Guardians of Apep Oasis – Phase 2

You’ll start the second phase of the battle after you finish out the silent Guardian. Similar to the daily board of impenetrable defense, you will need to defend the heart of the oasis in the middle of the room from approaching foes during this phase. It will last longer if you defeat the monsters fast and put an end to the phase, but it will be longer if you let them attack the oasis’s center. We advise using characters with AOE attacks, ranged characters, or Anemo characters like Kazuha or Venti who have good crowd management abilities. Help your party’s smooth transition through this period.

Guardians of Apep Oasis – Phase 3

A resurrected Oasis Warden will be your opponent in the third and final phase. The boss will use a deadly blaster strike this time. You’ll need to defend yourself by putting your character inside Revival’s Hymn Shield, a green bubble barrier, before the boss gets ready to launch the blaster. When you see the warning, move quickly since the shield will automatically appear a second or two before the Warden hits.

In Genshin Impact, that is how you defeat the Apep Oasis Guardian. Make sure to take advantage of this weekly task once you’ve defeated the Dendro Dragon the first time. To finish the weekly missions, players must buy a lot of Genshin Impact Top Up in the game.

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